Jan 182015

When The Village Voice chose Anthony Freda to create artwork for a story about the 9/11 Truth movement, he first planned to gently mock the Truthers. It was 2006, and as the article stated, mainstream 9/11 accounts like the film World Trade Center had relegated the Truth movement to DIY […]

Jan 132015

Nine Questions About the Paris Attacks Posted on January 11, 2015 by Kevin Ryan Mainstream media are busily promoting a familiar narrative for last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris. As usual this narrative demonizes Islam, calls for a reduction in civil rights, and bolsters existing military aggressions. However, a growing […]

Jan 082015

  Now that we KNOW the top 15 stories of One World Trade can drive itself thru the stable 90 stories below it at accelerating speeds approaching Free Fall due to the natural consequence of gravity [etc] this should be easy. DROP a 12 pound ball   ;  straight down free […]

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Jan 042015

http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/03/world/americas/argentina-to-extradite-kurt-sonnenfeld-9-11-truther-on-murder-charge.html… INTENDENTE ALVEAR, Argentina — An American who sought refuge in Argentina after he was accused of killing his wife in 2002 should be sent back to the United States, Argentina’s Supreme Court announced this week. The decision to extradite the American, Kurt Sonnenfeld, who moved to Argentina in 2003 […]

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