Jul 172016
R.I.P  Evelien Gilbert -

I have just learned of the shocking and very sad news of Evelien Gilbert’s of http://aotearoaawiderperspective.com/ passing. http://deaths.waikatotimes.co.nz/obituaries/waikato-times-nz/obituary.aspx?pid=180680063 Her funeral will be at the Te Mata Hall on Monday 18th July at 11am. Evelien was the first person I contacted back in 2008 when I learned the truth about 9/11. […]

Jul 162016

The missing 28 pages from the U.S. Congressional Joint Inquiry into intelligence activities related to 911 were finally released to the public. These pages do not reveal a lot of new information but what is new strengthens lines of investigation that need to be followed-up. Here are five examples. The […]

Jul 042016

SUPERIORS DEEM BRIAN MAXWELL’S APPEARANCE IN FILM CONTROVERSIAL “Are you an expendable firefighter? At the moment, it would appear so.” — Brian Maxwell by Michael DeFilippo From oil rigger to fireman to 9/11 activist — whatever he undertakes, Brian Maxwell carries with him his high ideals. The Scotsman joined the […]

Jul 042016

“This open letter is being sent to you to request that you correct your four papers on the collapse of the WTC Towers, which were published by the Journal of Engineering Mechanics.” — Tony Szamboti On June 19, 2016, Tony Szamboti, a mechanical engineer who has studied the World Trade […]