Sep 032014

Rotorua review september 2 2014.

  3 Responses to “Rotorua Review – Exhibition analyses 9/11 ‘truth’”

  1. Congratulations to Peter Woods who facilitated this wonderful interview with Benn Bathgate from the Rotorua Review. Despite the quotes around ‘truth’ in the title, I think the article has promoted the exhibition and the evidence of controlled demolition in a fair way. The image of the girls comforting each other is sympathetic and will no doubt pique the curiosity of readers. I wish our print media here in Wellington would be so bold! I will compose a letter of thanks to Benn Bathgate and urge others to do the same. Thanks again Peter for all your great work! I am sure you will get many visitors from this great coverage.

  2. […] was disappointing that our saturation leaflet mail drop and the media coverage we received in the Rotorua Review, along with Phillip’s interview on More FM, did not bring as many people as we expected, as the […]