Mar 012016 Dr Julian Charles interviews swiss historian Daniele Ganser, author of the seminal book NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe, on the subject of Operation GLADIO. Dr Ganser also talks about the Rainbow Warrior bombing in Auckland in 1985. Link here

Feb 272016

by Kevin Ryan Investigating 9/11 and Naming Suspects When people ask me what more can be done to achieve 9/11 truth and justice, I tell them to spend less time calling for a new investigation and more time investigating. Even without subpoena power, independent investigators can make a lot of progress. […]

Feb 242016

“FREE FALLIN’ starring BUILDING 7” is a riff on the classic Tom Petty song Free Fallin’. Twenty-seven years after the release of this beautiful song, it provides a perfect platform to bring attention to the troubling destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, which came down in free fall late […]

Feb 232016

Jeb Bush was the Republican Party’s favorite presidential nominee but Donald Trump has conducted a controlled demolition of his candidacy over the Bush family’s role in the 9/11 atrocity, an American scholar and political analyst says. Dr. Kevin Barrett, editor of We Are Not Charlie Hebdo and scholar of Arabic […]

Feb 162016

Sunday Express: 911 relative questions unanswered by Ian Henshall – Reinvestigate 9/11 A mainstream news outlet in the UK has given unprecedented coverage to the 9/11 truth issue. The Sunday Express interviewed Matt Campbell – who is seeking a new investigation into the death of his brother in the 9/11 […]

Jan 312016

“What could cause this range of recovered body parts from nearly complete to essentially ‘vaporized’? Perhaps it was proximity to explosives?” — Matt Campbell Matt Campbell Seeks Supporters for His Legal Campaign By 911TruthOutreach and Other Contributors UK citizen Matt Campbell lost his brother, Geoff, in the North Tower of […]

Jan 152016 INCONTROVERTIBLE is the first and only feature length documentary we have which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers, Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns about the official explanation for the events of 9/11. The film is intended to act as a practical aid […]

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Jan 152016

9/11 as False Flag: Why International Law Must Dare to Care Amy Baker Benjamin Auckland University of Technology January 10, 2016 Emory International Law Review, Forthcoming Abstract: At the heart of contemporary international law lies a paradox: The attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001 have justified nearly […]