Jul 012014

Adrian Salbuchi and Enrique Romero of the Second Republic Project (Argentina) do a special English language edition of the International News section of “Segunda República” (Second Republic) on Channel TLV1 from Buenos Aires Argentina. They address False Flag attacks, past, present and future: (01:35) Pres. Obama: a nuclear weapon going [...]

Jun 262014

HighRiseSafetyNYC.org June 26, 2014 Raw Story and Washington Times follow yesterday’s breaking coverage from Crain’s New York Business Today’s articles Raw Story: 9/11 ‘truther’ measure on NYC ballot would force probe of 7 WTC building collapse Washington Times: 9/11 ‘truthers’ a step closer to NYC ballot measure Yesterday’s articles Crain’s: [...]

Jun 262014

By David Edwards June 24, 2014 “ICH” – “Raw Story” – – Former Vice President Dick Cheney showed up on Fox News on Wednesday to make a familiar case for going back to war in Iraq: Nuclear weapons are “spreading” to extremists across the globe. In recent weeks the al [...]

Jun 242014
The Three Tall Buildings

The Three Tall Buildings EBOOK AVAILABLE NOW here That one day that changed everything – when Building 7 collapsed in almost perfect free-fall – it was the day ‘they’ huffed and puffed, and ‘pulled’ the baby building down. Unlike the other books from the Awaken series which have comic illustrations [...]

Jun 242014

This docu-thriller follows one man’s search for truth while coping with the findings of his own 9/11 investigation. The film is a fast-paced, “docu-thriller,” following one man’s peek behind the curtain of the official 9/11 story. As his investigation progresses he struggles to cope with the findings of his own [...]

Jun 102014

Conforming to folkways and mores is natural, and it can help a society function cohesively and smoothly. There is, however, a threshold at which conforming becomes maladaptive and produces poor decisions. Crossing this threshold leads us into the phenomenon of “groupthink,” first studied by social psychologist Irving L. Janis. Groupthink [...]

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