Feb 072019

By Kevin Barrett Global Research, February 06, 2019 The Unz Review 1 February 2019 A Review of Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas by Cass Sunstein (based on an earlier paper co-authored with Adrian Vermeule); In Defense of Troublemakers: The Power of Dissent in Life and Business by Charlan Nemeth; […]

Feb 052019

https://www.foxbusiness.com/business-leaders/world-trade-center-leases-booming-famed-developer-larry-silverstein-says It has been nearly 18 years since the terrorist attack on September 11, slaughtered thousands of New Yorkers and virtually demolished the area surrounding the Twin Towers. But World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein Opens a New Window. said the rebuilding of the trade center is almost completed. “It’s […]

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Feb 012019

9/11 hearings at Guantánamo delayed after judge flown out for eye surgery https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jan/30/911-judge-rushed-from-guantanamo-in-medical-emergency January 30, 2019 Judge Keith Parrella flown out of Cuban military base for surgery after initial delay that wife blamed on insurance dispute. The military tribunal hearings against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other alleged 9/11 conspirators […]

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Feb 012019

Saifullah Paracha, the oldest prisoner in Guantánamo Bay, will probably die in detention without ever being charged. His son is currently in a US prison. Both have been in custody for almost 15 years, accused of aiding al-Qaida. But did they? https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/dec/13/saifullah-uzair-paracha-guantanamo-bay-al-qaida-war-on-terror (Full text of article follows, minus photos.) On […]

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Jan 062019

Manila Chan reports on the hacker group asking for $2 million in bitcoin for a full leak of so-called 9/11 papers. The group ‘Dark Overlords’ has been responsible for previous hacks. Manila Chan speaks with Investigative Journalist Ben Swann about this group, whether or not they are credible and how […]