Jun 142023

https://ic911.org/news-commentary/announcing-the-international-center-for-9-11-justice/ To the 9/11 truth community and the world: It is with great hope and a deep commitment to achieving truth and justice regarding the events of 9/11 that we are announcing the launch of the International Center for 9/11 Justice. The Center is a new iteration of the former […]

Mar 132023

What is the “Fear No Evil” campaign of Emanuel Pastreich? Why does he claim that THIS the TIME to push the ugly truth about 9/11 from the margins into the mainstream of American politics? Who exactly was behind the 9/11 attacks? How did they lead independent investigators in the wrong […]

Mar 122023

By Dr. Emanuel Garcia Global Research, March 09, 2023 https://www.globalresearch.ca/lies-damned-lies-elephants/5811493 You will forgive me if from time to time I find myself silent and stymied in the doldrums. The past three years, in our Corona Epoch, weigh heavily on us all, but there is more: these past three years have […]

Feb 282023

I don’t normally watch TVNZ’s Seven Sharp, but on 5th October 2021 we were told that an immunologist would be on the programme to debunk certain ‘Covid myths’. One such ‘myth’ was the belief that natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity. In response, clinical immunologist Dr. Maia Brewerton said […]

Feb 282023

https://richardgage911.substack.com/p/rage-against-the-war-machine-wash The US “war machine” was given the biggest boost of its enormous and ugly life following the false flag events on 9/11/01. And finally, the anti-war “movement” seems to have been resurrected: At least a couple thousand rationally thinking & acting Americans flooded the Lincoln Memorial last week with […]