Jul 122021

https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/news/125719657/covid19-strict-border-controls-miq-wont-be-forever-scenario-prime-minister-jacinda-ardern-says In regard to the future of international travel, Ardern said Skegg noted it would likely change forever, much like it changed following the September 11 attacks in the United States two decades ago. “After 9/11 our borders changed forever, and our borders are likely to change quite permanently as a result […]

Jun 182021
New Book: Unanswered Questions: What the September Eleventh Families Asked and the 9/11 Commission

By Ray McGinnis Global Research, June 16, 2021 Unanswered Questions Introduction The events of September Eleventh 2001 shook America and they shook the world. Nearly 3,000 people died at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Airlines Flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania. The day has divided our history […]

May 172021

Political decisions during the Corona crisis did not come out of the blue. The “war on viruses” began back in the 1990s as the “war on bioterror.” Research shows: For more than twenty years since then, pandemic scenarios have been repeatedly rehearsed in simulation exercises, first in the U.S., later […]

May 162021

https://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-deliberately-obliterating-media-buildings-gaza-cover-up-war-crimes-will-follow/5745372 By Eva Bartlett Global Research, May 16, 2021 RT Op-Ed 14 May 2021 The destruction of two important Gaza buildings housing 20 media outlets was both shocking and predictable. History shows that if the media aren’t around to document Israel’s war crimes, it’s a lot easier for it to […]

Apr 172021

Thanks to the supporters of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, hundreds of U.S. senators and representatives have received or will soon receive copies of the new documentary SEVEN along with letters urging them to hold the National Institute of Standards and Technology accountable for its unscientific investigation of the […]

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