Oct 252020
WHO Taps ‘Anti-Conspiracy’ Crusader to Sway Public Opinion on COVID Vaccine

  OCTOBER 23, 2020 WHO Taps ‘Anti-Conspiracy’ Crusader to Sway Public Opinion on COVID Vaccine By Jeremy Loffredo An outspoken proponent of government-led tactics to influence public opinion on policy and to undermine the credibility of “conspiracy theorists” will lead the World Health Organization’s (WHO) efforts to encourage public acceptance of a […]

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Oct 102020

https://off-guardian.org/2020/10/07/petition-to-support-mark-crispin-miller-and-academic-freedom/ If you believe in academic freedom, as well as free speech overall, please consider signing this petition, and sharing it with others who believe that higher education must be free from censorship of any kind, whether by the state, corporations, foreign interests, pressure groups, or by the university itself. […]

Oct 102020

Conspiracy Theorist – A badge I will wear with pride by Martin Hanson People who don’t let governments and media do their thinking for them are labelled with the thought-stopping ‘conspiracy theorist’ when they come to conclusions contrary to official narratives. Now consider this: Dr. Mike Ryan, World Health Organisation […]