Oct 252012

IRAN (Is Not The Problem) is a feature length documentary film responding to the failure of the American mass media to provide the public with relevant and accurate information about the standoff between the US and Iran, as happened before with the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.
We have heard that Iran is a nuclear menace in defiance of the international community, bent on “wiping Israel off the map”, supporting terrorism, and unwilling to negotiate. This documentary disputes these claims as they are presented to us and puts them in the context of present and historical US imperialism and hypocrisy with respect to Iran. It looks at the struggle for democracy inside Iran, the consequences of the current escalation and the potential US and/or Israeli attack, and suggests some alternatives to consider.
This 79 minute documentary features Antonia Juhasz, Larry Everest, and other activists and Iranian-Americans. The goal of this movie is to promote dialog and change the debate on Iran, so please consider organizing a screening, big or small, in your area.
Produced by Aaron Newman, an independent film-maker and part of the Scary Cow film co-op in San Francisco. He is an anti-imperialism/pro-democracy activist, founder of the SF Chomsky Book Club, and a member of Hands Off Iran. There are differences of opinion between many of the voices in this film, but all agree that a war would be unjustified.

  2 Responses to “Documentary Iran Is Not the Problem; Stop War on IRAN”

  1. Regarding journalism…”to act as a megaphone for our Government ” ..that is the money phrase…

    It defies logic …I’ll give you an example of the total absence of integrity or even worse ,knowledge that our Media suffers from. Tonight I was watching Channel 3 News and the women “talking head” had a story about Gaza . She lead into the story by saying ” factions within Gaza have fired missiles into Israel ,resulting in Israel launching retaliatory strikes against Gaza ” she when finished the story stating that ” since Hamas seized power in Gaza”.

    Now the truth is some what different to the reports lies… Hamas was ELECTED by the people of Gaza to be their Governing Party. In fact the election had international monitors to ensure a honest result. To this day nobody has questioned the outcome of those elections.

    What the “talking head” neglected to mention was that Israel has been attacking Gaza with its “state of the art” killing machines for the last few weeks ,killing men,women and children.

    The “talking head” also forgot to mention that just this week Israel seized ,illegally a ship in international waters that was bringing aid to the people of Gaza.

    re. Hamas election result… http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/01
    re Israel attacking Gaza without provocation this week … http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/10/17/267106/escalation-of-israeli-attacks-on-gaza-strip/

    So many victims and our Media hides the truth from us and all I want to know is ….”WHY ?”

  2. Thanks Mick – well said!