Oct 242011

Three of us visited the Occupy Wellington Occupy Wellington: workshops and presentations on Labour Day today to share the scientific evidence of 9/11 with the Occupy protestors and members of the general public. http://wellington.scoop.co.nz/?p=39583#more-39583

We arrived early at 10.00am hoping to get a time to make a presentation but unfortunately, we were advised by the organisers at the information tent that all of the time slots for the presentations had been booked and taken by other groups. We were given a space for a “workshop” later on in the morning and a space was provided for us away from the main area. We were also advised we could set up our banners in the lower civic square which was away from the main Occupy Wellington protest. We left DVDS and the ae911truth information flyers, the Whistleblower flyers and some 9/11 truth documentary combo DVDS (9/11 mysteries, Blueprint for Truth, Richard Gage Close Up) in the information tent. It was heartening to see that one of our group (thank you Sarah) had left information leaflets earlier on in the week which we saw displayed in the information library tent.

There weren’t very many people around at the time so we decided we would hold our own “Workshop” as we do on the street every 11th of the month talking to the public and giving away free information. We set up in the lower main civic square and were able to display our ae911truth banner and 911 +Lies = War Banner to great advantage. We had some long discussions today about 9/11 with other members of the occupy wellington group who were camped there and with members of the public.

Sadly, some of the Occupy Wellington people did not seem open to the information we were providing and one of the organisers thought our banner may offend and give out the wrong message to the members of the general public about the Occupy Wellington group. We had posted on the occupy wellington event site on face book earlier the consensus from the Occupy Wall Street group of the demand to reinvestigate the attacks of 9/11 – see http://coupmedia.org/the-sovereig…ate-the-attacks-of-9-11-2001.html And Sarah had brought up the 9/11 subject earlier on in the week when she visited, so it was disappointing to see this attitude towards 9/11 truth prevailing

Some of the people I spoke to asked why can’t we just let it go?’ and I could see , that some although accepting that the official account of 9/11 may not be true, did not share the need for a new investigation and perhaps viewed it as a case closed. I find this mind set of other activists the hardest to deal with and I have to continually remind myself that although I can see the relevance of 9/11 truth to anti-war and anti-corporate activism and to the activists concentrating on these issues; it apparently is often not so obvious to them!

I just reiterated that despite the real problems we have with the monetary system and corporate corruption and everything else, we must continue to seek an investigation so that we can PROVE that 911 was a crime legally, and bring the perps to justice.

At 1.00 pm the main group convened to the green area outside civic square where the main camp was set up to talk about where the group should go to demonstrate – the talking microphone technique was used. I think using a talking microphone is an effective tool for large groups to hear speakers when the use of amplification has been banned. However, I do not feel comfortable with the group consensus techniques used today ie the waving of hands to signal agreement and thumbs out to signal disapproval – IMHO the dangers of “group-think” I feel is dangerous . We stayed up on the bridge displaying our 911 + Lies = war banner. A group of men took photos and gave us the thumbs up. I am sure it got many people gathered there thinking.

Unfortunately we had to leave before the demo march took place but we were able to leave the 911 banner with the organizers at the information tent who promised to display alongside the other posters on the civic square pyramid. I plan to revisit over the next few days and replenish the information and hope to talk to more of the occupy protestors about 9/11.

As I was leaving I was able to give Professor Paul Morris, Professor World’s Religions after 9/11 at Victoria University http://www.victoria.ac.nz/sacr/staff/paul-morris.aspx a DVD and flyer. I have written to him in the past before but have never had a response. He thanked me and appeared polite and said he would view the information.

It was great to meet with other activists and get to talk to Sue and Don from the newly created www.PositiveMoney.org. They are showing the film” the Wizard of Oz” in Wellington at the Paramount on November 17.

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  1. Asher Goldman – here is link http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=139154749519424
    Against conspiracy theories: Why our activism must be based in reality
    Time Thursday, October 27 · 5:30pm – 7:00pm


    Location Occupy Wellington
    City to Sea Bridge
    Wellington, New Zealand


    Created By Asher Goldman


    More Info 9/11, fluoride, chemtrails, Rothschild, Freemasons, satanists, and more. Theories around all of these have supporters within the Occupy movements around the globe, including Wellington. But what makes something a ‘conspiracy theory’? Are they true? And what impact do they have on our activism?

    In this workshop, I will argue that not only are these theories flat out wrong, but they are also incredibly damaging to attempts to create genuine change in our society.

    We all live in the real world, and so, if we are to have any effect, our politics must also be based in reality. Examining and analysing what actually happens in the real world is the only way to discover what needs to be changed, and buying into conspiracy theories directly goes against our ability to do that.

    This workshop will take the form of an initial talk, followed by open discussion.

    All are welcome to attend, regardless of their own views on politics or conspiracy theories. Please invite your friends 🙂

  2. Thanks to Lico and Mick who attended and were wonderful advocates for 9/11 truth.

    Hi all. Just a bit of an update – I did manage to make it along to the ‘workshop’ and.. it was a bit weird. Of course worthwhile things were said, but not so much in relation to 9/11. Except of course for Mick – who was absolutely awesome and said everything that needed to be said (and as much as he was permitted to say).

    I posted a bit of an open letter to Asher (the organiser) on the Facebook page, and I’ve pasted it here:

    Asher. I attended your ‘against conspiracy theories’ workshop last night (as 911 truth / peace activist); probably should have shared some thoughts, but it wasn’t until I collected my thoughts afterwards that it struck me just how absurd and counter-productive the topic was.

    The term “conspiracy theory”, once a neutral descriptor for any claim of civil, criminal, or political conspiracy, is now most commonly used pejoratively to characterize a belief or claim as outlandishly false or even lunacy.

    When research into proven or suspected state crimes is labelled “conspiracy theory”, it denigrates and discredits the research. It prevents the crimes from being investigated and reported on by the corporate media, and keeps them outside of broader public scrutiny.

    Generalizing about “conspiracy theories” without looking at the merits of the theories on a case by case basis, arguing we shouldn’t be distracted by them because they are of no relevance, becomes rather meaningless.

    When you lump together: 9/11, fluoride, Satanists, etc – this really just shows a lack of understanding and/or wilful ignorance of some or all of these topics.

    The harmful effects of fluoride, for example, are now widely acknowledged. To the dedicated citizen-volunteers of Fluoride Action Network (FANNZ) such generalizations about “conspiracy theories” are a real slap in the face.

    Those who understand the significance of the fraudulent nature of 9/11 recognize the need to build bridges of common understanding and respect between the movements.

    In fact, our goals are one and the same. When you say: “We all live in the real world, and so, if we are to have any effect, our politics must also be based in reality. Examining and analysing what actually happens in the real world is the only way to discover what needs to be changed” – I couldn’t agree more!

    It’s vital the peace-movement understands what triggers wars and who benefits. There can be no peace without justice. There can be no justice without truth. Without an understanding of arguably the most pivotal war-triggering event of modern times we cannot hope to create genuine change.

    By accepting the 9/11 explanation that 19 Muslims did it we’ve undermined our own opposition to the “war without end”.

    The 9/11 explanation you’ve accepted isn’t based in reality. It’s made up of physical impossibilities, incapable pilots, hard-drinking Muslims, and indestructible passports.

    I don’t accept that a third sky-scraper collapsed to the ground due to office-fires (based on a computer simulation that you and I can’t see because that would “jeopardize public safety”).

    Whether you like it or not, average people are willing to stand up and say that two plus two makes four. The truth will set them free.

    Today people around the world are unsafe, not because of terrorists and domestic extremists, but because they have lost their civil liberties and have no protection from unaccountable government power. One would think that how this came about would be worthy of public debate.


  3. Link to the text of a talk given at Occupy Wellington on 27 October, 2011.
    of Asher Goldman’s speech at the Workshop.