Jun 142015


  4 Responses to “Letter to Editor – Taranaki Daily News 11 June 2015 – Roger Morris”

  1. Bravo Roger ! Thanks for asking the obvious questions none of our journalist’s dare to ask !!

    And today the CIA have told the world that it found no evidence that “the Saudi government knowingly and willingly supported the al-Qaeda terrorists.” However, its sources speculated that rogue Saudi officials may have been involved — a long-running suspicion.


    Just a few rogues eh – How about turning the mirror on their own “rogue” elements or those of a certain Israeli intelligence service –

    …. and why wait this long to release this “disinformation”?!

  2. games. IIO. Its a game play with our heads. “rogue Saudi officials ‘may’ have been involved….. ” 6 + 6 MAY equal 12″ . The ‘press’ goes mumblemumble…Bandar was in the room with George. But more, Springman was telling the world StateDept. FORCED him to give the patsy passports against his better judgment so Saudi is just a cut-out anyway. NO WAY did any rogue anybody organize and HIT those towers without total AIG cover from the deep state. Its just plain obvious.

  3. Congrats on getting that excellent letter published. It sounds like the editors of that paper have caught on to some glimmer of the truth.

  4. Excellent letter Roger. Good on them for publishing it. I have an obvious question: If Saudi finance 9/11 who did they pay? The hijackers to commit suicide, the US air force to stand down, FEMA and NIST for failing to investigate, the flight training schools etc etc And most importantly the MSM for not reporting the truth. I could go on and on but the story is pure distraction and disinformation.