Aug 052012

Taliban Launches Dozens of Attacks and Two Kiwi’s Die
by Travellerev

Our MSM are painting the deaths of the two Kiwi soldiers leaving an additional 6 wounded yesterday as the result of them assisting local Security forces in pursuit of some suspect individuals.

The Soldiers who are part of the provincial reconstruction team died in the ensuing gunfight.

The fact is that outside of the bigger city centres which can be controlled by the US and NATO troops most of the rural areas are controlled by the Taliban.

In fact according to the Anti War site the Taliban is engaging in dozens of attacks in Eastern Afghanistan (Bamyan is centre East) to show they are in control and can attack any time they choose.

In fact in as early as mid July the Guardian published an article expressing worry about the rising level of violence in the Bamyan province.

Those poor guys did not die a heroic death helping locals against the evil terrorist forces. They died as a result of being part of foreign forces engaged in an eleven year old illegal war of aggression and while battling local freedom fighters on behalf of a corrupt puppet government and the sad thing is as long as we keep cooperating with the US and NATO more will die unnecessarily.