Mar 132013

The highly touted conspiracy theory course at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) has now gained a regular spot in the academic calendar. Search this site for Kerry McBride to get background on the course and some commentary on the possible motivations for it.

With this class under way, we decided to have our first group action on the VUW campus on March 12. (Although this was our first group appearance on campus, one of our members had already distributed hundreds of DVDs a couple of years ago during clubs week.) We stationed ourselves outside the building where the class was held and distributed our AE911Truth flyers and the latest DVD from that group, Experts Speak Out, with stunning labels created by one of our members. We also distributed some other compilation DVDs to others who were not evidently enrolled in the course.

We spoke to two people who were enrolled in the course. They were receptive to us, but also said that they were withholding any comment on the course because they had only had one class session so far.

In general, the reception on campus was better than any other location we have visited to date. That said, one of our group had a discussion with a young man who seemed to be off the scale on the Dark Side. It’s just as well that these types don’t usually engage us in conversation. We had other stimulating discussions with Kiwi students and several international students. One student commented to me that his English language class was laced with pro-USA propaganda.

One of our members has a close family member who fears for his/her safety, thinking that the police may go G20 on us for exercising our rights of free speech. This same member offered DVDs to two police officers who seemed positively frightened at the offer of free truth info. No G20 action yet; in fact most uniformed people seem to be intimidated by us. That said, I recall some good conversations that TruthMama and I had with some police officers at a demo a couple of years ago. We weren’t the centre of attention, so perhaps that made them feel less threatened by us.

We’re thinking of re-visiting the VUW campus over the next few months. There were four of us, and we were there around midday. Come out and join us next time!

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  1. My son is doing the lectures …

  2. Thank you all for being there and thanks to Mike and Jade for burning all those DVDS and to Peter for producing such professional looking Experts speak out labels and to those who generously donated towards the cost. Thanks Mick, that is indeed excellent news 🙂 Be great to know what the course material is regarding 911! I didn’t see a textbook listed at the course outline. Professor Marc Wilson promised he would review and respond to the DVD Experts Speak Out when I contacted him last year. I will try and follow up there soon…