May 132013

We returned to our familiar haunt of the Wellington Railway Station underground. There were three of us with DVDs, flyers and the multitude of signs that were stretched along the walkways. We had an unfortunate musical accompaniment, a very loud saxophonist, who was there the entire time. I think that encouraged people to speed through the passageways as quickly as possible, unlike the dulcet tones of the violinist who was our unplanned accompanist late last year.

It took about a half an hour to distribute our 100 copies of the latest AE911Truth DVD, “Experts Speak Out”, after which we distributed older compilation DVDs. We lost count, but we passed out well over 200 DVDs and flyers. Many passers-by told us that they already had DVDs we had given them, but unfortunately these people seldom stop to talk about their reactions.

We had the usual mix of reactions, with some people uttering disparaging remarks while lacking the courage to stop and discuss their views. One of our members had a lengthy conversation with two young men who had done extensive research in a effort to bolster their quasi-religious belief in the official conspiracy theory. Cognitive dissonance was oozing from their pores while they held fast to their convictions.

The people who don’t take DVDs fall into five groups of people who:
1. have already taken DVDs;
2. look at us and say, “no, thanks”;
3. are in their own little worlds, taking no note of their surroundings;
4. studiously ignore us, staring intently ahead;
5. react negatively. This is by far the smallest group.

We detected that the people in group 5 were more surly than in the past. These people, staunch defenders of the Establishment, have heard a lot of news lately that challenges their faith in the powers that shouldn’t be. Mainstream news polls now offer the choice of “the government did it” in their list of choices about the Boston bombings. We are having an effect, however gradual.

Here’s a quote from one of our members:

From my point of view, last evening was a success. I gave away about 50 ESOs to the defence people (none in uniform but some support staff and one or two ‘suits’). One suit laughed at the street signs and another said something derogatory to me.

A sophisticated well dressed woman (a Sue Kedgley look-alike) asked me what we were on about. I gave her an ESO DVD and she exclaimed “Oh I see, its about 9/11 – I know all about that s**t!” I was shocked that such a refined woman would say that ‘word’. She told me that she was an activist opposing the Trans-Pacific-Partnership. She asked me did I know about it. I said that we were also activists and knew all about TPP. She took the DVD and thanked me. Made it all worthwhile. I did not feel up to arguing with the 2 lads who desperately wanted to believe the ‘official’ story. The elder one had studied a lot about 9/11 and corrected me on minute detail.

As I mentioned above, this is the behaviour of someone seeking to support a religious belief, not someone interested in discovering facts.

Till next time!

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  1. Yes I had a very intense conversation with a young man who was convinced that the Mohr/Millette paper had well and truly debunked the Harrit et al nanothermite paper, because the mix represented paint particles present in the dust and there was no elemental Al present and therefore no explosive in the dust! I was really put through the hoops by this guy on minute technical details in both papers. He had done his homework and at least read both papers and tried to understand them. He was not aware of the sol gel paint at LLL so I referred him to that. I also mentioned the patent that addresses the carbon matrix being inert argument used against the Thermite paper, being designed to react in a certain way giving even more heat.

    He said that ae911truth were not credible to speak about high-rises because there were only 6 structural engineers on the petition list; there are currently 35 so I asked him to have another look. He was convinced there were raging infernos in Building 7 and numerous fire-fighters witnessed them? He was very emotional and upset about it all and obviously experiencing major cognitive dissonance. At the end of our conversation he did thank me and said I was the best and most open minded “911 truther” he had spoken to – phew:) He promised to visit the fire-fighters for 911 truth website and look up David Ray Griffen’s books in the library and watch the Experts Speak out DVD!

    There is a very good review of the Mohr and Millette paper at Kevin Ryan’s blog which I will re-visit. I find it really challenging arguing the science to people invested in the official story.

    Must have been the afternoon for it as I had another man talk to me at length about the explosive nature of flour!

    Thanks again to Mike and Jade for producing the DVDS.

  2. You guy are awesome …thanks so much for your courage and commitment. One day you will be proven right.

  3. Be sure to read the latest post on my re-designed blog: “Kim Hill’s logic on conspiracy theories”.