Feb 102019

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  2 Responses to “DominionPost Letter 11/02/19 US war crimes”

  1. Text, as published:
    The Dominion Post 11 Feb 2019
    US aggression
    Re the editorial from the New York Times,
    Ruling gives power to might of the pen,
    (Feb 7), a US court found “Syrian
    strongman” Bashar al-Assad and his
    associates guilty of killing journalist
    Marie Colvin during a shelling attack in
    Homs, Syria, in 2012.
    The brief editorial omits the fact that
    the Syrian government did not defend
    itself in the trial, and fails to cite the
    questionable source of the accusations, a
    supposed Syrian defector with the code
    name “Ulysses”.
    The judge in the case described
    Colvin’s death as an “extrajudicial
    killing”. This tragic death took place in
    the course of one of the United States’
    ongoing wars of aggression, wars that the
    UN defines as the supreme international
    crime. Granted, one extrajudicial killing
    is one too many.
    But when will the US and its allies be
    held accountable for the hundreds of
    thousands of extrajudicial killings they
    have committed in Afghanistan, Iraq,
    Libya, Syria and elsewhere since
    September 11,2001?

    Phillip Rose, Newtown

  2. Another fantastic letter Philip. On a related subject:
    ISIS in Afghanistan is US tool to cause trouble in whole region – ex-Afghan President Karzai to RT