Dec 062011

By Zan Azlee
December 05, 2011

Many Afghans don’t feel that 9/11 is relevant to them, especially now that 10 years have gone by. So they choose to ignore it. Even if you ask them about Osama Bin Laden, they will tell you that he is not relevant because he is not Afghan,” explained Bilal.

“But they must know that the United States are in Afghanistan,” I said.

“Of course, the presence of the United States in Afghanistan is something of relevance because they did chase out the Taliban. Many Afghans were putting all their hope in the United States government to help bring change to the country. But they don’t feel like that anymore because there has been no change even after 10 years. We still don’t have basic infrastructure like reliable electricity, proper roads and, most important of all, security. Afghans are not happy,” he added.

So the issue here in Afghanistan really isn’t about 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden or Al-Qaeda. It has been 10 years already and, I have to say, the Afghans are right to want to move on. The real issue now, after talking to these Kabul-ites, is the fact that the US government, who had so eagerly entered the country in 2001, is now not fulfilling its obligations.

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  1. Just winning the hearts and minds ,yea right !