Sep 032013

This is completely off the charts. Most people were running full out away from the Twin Towers at ground zero time. These Individuals recorded the aftermath of the South tower and the North Tower Collapse. See and feel Ground Zero here as this is some of the best audio and video I have found of the period of the 10 am and the North Tower destruction and immediate aftermath. Sound and Fury with live interviews between collapses.I have tied several pieces together here from different sources including a Very good look at the destruction caused by the crushing of Trade three by a major piece of the core. Study the picture at the very end, I left it up for 11 seconds, it is the best photograph I have seen of the Marriott Just before impact from the South Tower.
Just the Facts please. Again this is Live footage that tells it’s own story, no conspiracy theories.
There is more coming for sure. A new piece of software is making everything available to me as far as converting and presenting these videos even cleaner. This is a keeper for sure. Labor day is here and we are 9 days away from the 12th anniversary of Ground Zero.
The Truth movement is back in a huge way in New York and Washington DC. Make it happen at home where you live and don’t
Forget to support the people on the ground during the week of the 11th.… -the Washington march

On a personal note:
I have watched hundreds of hours of video of ground zero and there is something
everyone should understand. Those fireman stir my heart with their Bravery and Honor.
The Character and quality of what we lost that day is the biggest tragedy.
The others lost are no less important, but working with the raw video I see and admire a group of Individuals bonded together who truly exemplify what this Country should be all about. The Truth will come out and the Empire will crumble underneath it.
This seems like the only vindication for the pure evil unleashed that day.
~Peace is the Answer,
Love is the Solution.~
The Spirit