Aug 232023

More than 2,000 family members of those killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks want President Biden to step in and stop any plea deal for the suspected architect of the plot and his fellow defendants.

The families sent a letter to the White House saying they received notification from the U.S. government informing them that plea deals are being considered for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others that would prevent a public trial and remove the possibility of the death penalty…

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  One Response to “9/11 victims’ families want Biden to oppose plea deals for suspected attack planners”

  1. At the end: “But the victims’ families say the plea allows U.S. agencies to continue to withhold critical information about Saudi Arabia’s possible role in assisting hijackers.”

    Do the families know more than they’re letting on? Perhaps. The main issue seems to be that the government does not want a trial, even a secret kangaroo court.