Feb 012014

Solving 9/11 author Chris Bollyn booked People’s Voice TV guest detained by Tascor in London
from http://www.911forum.org.uk/board/viewtopic.php?t=22219

After some delays and obstacles, Chris Bollyn was finally on Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East Show, albeit as a call-in guest, on Monday, January 13 during the last half-hour of the show.
The outstanding two-hour show is mainly about the false-flag terrorism of 9-11 and was made by Ken O’Keefe and the producers at The People’s Voice TV in London. This excellent show can now be viewed on YouTube at:

KEN O’KEEFE, a very articulate and intelligent human rights activist, invited me to appear on his Middle East Show on The People’s Voice television, which is based in London.
On Sunday, January 12, I was scheduled to be on Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East Show, broadcast globally on The People’s Voice television network from 16:00 to 18:00 GMT. Unfortunately, I was detained at Heathrow Airport in London on arrival on January 11 and held in a detention facility until the early morning of January 12, when I was deported (“removed”) from Britain because it was determined that my presence in the UK somehow endangered the national security of the United Kingdom.
O’Keefe has a website with information about his background and efforts for peace at: www.worldcitizen.uk.net/biography.htm

The slip of paper, which says U.K. Border Agency at the top, simply says: “I am detaining you” and “I have also detained your passport, identity card, or travel document.” Under “Reasons for detention” a box is checked that says “I have further enquiries to make and more questions to ask you.”
…I was then taken to a detention cell, which was run by Tascor, a privately-owned company. This was a prison-type room that had a pay phone on the wall. I had one British Pound coin, which my wife had found just before I left Sweden. I used this coin to call Ken and informed him that I was detained at Heathrow airport. Ken called my wife and told her about my situation. She was then able to reach me by using the public phone’s number.
…The “Notice of Refusal of Leave to Enter” says this:
You have asked for leave to enter the United Kingdom as a visitor until 15th January 2014, but from information available to me, it seems right to me to refuse you leave to enter in the grounds [sic] that exclusion from the United Kingdom is conducive to the public good. This is due to the fact that by your own admission you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest in the USA since 2007. You have further admitted that you left the USA prior to sentencing and have not returned since time.
…After midnight I was woken by a Tascor employee who said that I was to be moved to another detention cell. This involved being taken out into the cold night and driven to another facility. The new cell was smaller and less comfortable. There was no bed and I tried to sleep on the chairs as I had in the previous cell. Another detainee, an Albanian, was brought into the cell and with all the talking and making of coffees from the machine in front of me, I did not get any sleep at all.
…At the rear of the plane were two British Airways stewards, a man and a woman. They said good morning and asked how I was doing. I told them that I had been in detention for 16 hours and that I was very hungry. They were interested and asked what had happened. I explained the basics. The man then said that he had just read about a 9-11 activist who was married to a South American woman.
I knew he was talking about Kurt Sonnenfeld, the FEMA videographer who had discovered that the vault beneath WTC Building 6, the U.S. Customs House, had been cleaned out the night before 9-11. Sonnenfeld is currently living in Argentina.
They brought me some orange juice and a croissant sandwich right away. At about 7:30 a.m. the passengers were allowed on the plane and we left for Sweden. I watched the sun rise over the English landscape as we headed East for the flight over the North Sea.
Just before we began the approach to Gothenburg, the steward handed me a plastic bag and said “Celebrate your escape.” I looked inside and found two small bottles of champagne, a very kind gesture that brought a tear to my eye.