Nov 032012

What happened at 8:36am on 9/11/01?
9/11 Flight Paths & Stewart Air Base

Not only did AA 11 and UA 175 both fly over New Windsor, NY, but they both flew over it at the same time, supposedly almost crashing into each other. This is an unlikely coincidence, since it would be far more likely that if the paths taken from Boston to New York crossed, that the planes would not cross paths at the same time. This occurred at approximately 8:36 am.

Directly From USA Today:

The two hijacked jets that demolished the World Trade Center nearly crashed into each other while heading to their target, according to a Federal Aviation Administration employee at a regional control center. “The two aircraft got too close to each other down by Stewart” International Airport in New Windsor, N.Y., about 55 miles north of New York City, the employee told The Telegraph of Nashua.

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  2 Responses to “9/11 Flight Paths & Stewart Air Base”

  1. curious actions ,maybe the original aircraft landed and the remote controlled ones completed the mission ?
    so many “coincidences” and such a negligent investigation.
    by “coincidence” three Skyscrapers (WTC 1&2&7)collapse at near free fall speed from fire for the first time in history ,then there is two large aircraft (Pentagon & Shanksville) crash leaving virtually no wreckage for the first time in history.
    then this …

  2. Note that the USA Today article, the first one cited, appeared on Sept 13, 2001. Was this “coincidence” in the official 9/11 report? I don’t have a copy, so I can’t look it up.