Sep 082012

You are cordially invited to:

9/11 See The Evidence

A Photographic & Video Exhibition

Exhibition hours:

Saturday 8 September  – 10.00 am – 5.00 pm

Sunday 9 September  10.00 am – 4.00 pm

 at the The Parade Cafe
on the Tug Boat, Oriental Parade, Wellington 

FREE Entry

Following the successful exhibition in Wellington last year, NZ911truth is pleased to announce another exhibition of ‘9/11: See the evidence, Learn the facts, Seek the Truth’– a series of images that documents the events of 9/11 using dramatic photos, eyewitness testimony and concise, factual explanations.

Hundreds of people attended the exhibition in 2011, which invites the viewer to take a second look at the events of 9/11 by giving an introduction into the main discrepancies of the official story and encourages the viewer to investigate further. All of the key events of 9/11 will be covered: the destruction of the three World Trade Centre Buildings, the attack on the Pentagon, and the story of Flight 93.

This exhibition will be part of a global series of events, bringing the wealth of scientific evidence that contradicts the official conspiracy story to the attention of the public

The exhibition complements the numerous public lectures, books, and videos that cover the 9/11 accounts over the past several years by providing a brief, graphical and factual account of the events of 9/11, pointing out the major inconsistencies in the official story.


Free information will be available including copies of the recently released documentary 9/11: Explosive Evidence Experts Speak Out, where dozens of experts in architecture, building, engineering, chemistry, physics and other relevant technical fields explain the physical and scientific evidence that undermines the official account of what is behind the collapses of the three WTC Buildings on 9/11. (more info on this doco at:

  7 Responses to “9/11: See The Evidence – A Photographic Exhibition”

  1. See you there . Thanks for putting this on.

  2. Excellent!

    Art (and even humour) can be used as weapons to change minds.

  3. Congratulations to Mike Woods who got the exhibition a mention in Today’s Kapiti Observer – see

    Questioning 911 Kapiti Observer 6 September

  4. Looking forward to seeing this exhibition on Saturday. A few years ago (2004 to be precise) I bought a bulk supply of a recently issued booklet entitled “Waking up from our Nightmare” by Don Paul and Jim Hoffman. I sold quite a few on TradeMe but recently found 6 or 7 copies in a bottom drawer in mint condition. Happy to sell them via this site (if the organisers are happy about this) to those interested. $8 a copy. It’s a 60 page publication covering not only 9/11, but allied issues including the U.S. Federal Reserve system, the Second World War and the opium trade out of Afghanistan. It’s an eye-opening read!

  5. I spent several hours on Saturday at the 911 Truth Exhibition at the Parade Cafe, Wellington. The exhibition was the fruit of untold of hours of work by a handful of dedicated volunteers who have donated thousands of dollars of their own money in a campaign to convince the wider public that the tragedy of 911 was more sinister even than the official account would have us believe.

    In a democracy, soldiers should never be put in harms way without truthful justification by the government. The evidence that New Zealanders are losing their lives in Afghanistan as a result of a gigantic lie should be a matter of the deepest concern to all New Zealanders, so it is heartening that there are citizens with the insight, courage, and energy to inform the New Zealand public of the true nature of this tragedy.