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Our fourth “911–See the Evidence” Exhibition took place in Wellington this weekend on Saturday 13—Sunday, September 14.  Hundreds of people came through the exhibition to see the evidence and learn the facts about 9/11. The exhibition was focused on Peter Woods’ visually compelling work from the graphic booklet, 911–See the Evidence.  The exhibition included the image of the Rethink 911 banner in Times Square New York City which we placed at the entrance to the photographic exhibit.  This was an eye catching and powerful statement as to where the growing international 911 truth movement is at thirteen years on and it was also wonderful to also let visitors know about the digital billboard in Times Square of the collapse of WTC 7 as part of the Rethink911 campaign.

We were also delighted to display the updated ae911 truth banner announcing “Thousands” of architects and engineers who support a real investigation.  Video footage featuring the collapses of Building 7 and the twin towers and a compilation film of the ae911truth Experts Speak Out (the first four minutes summarising the new laws such as the NDAA) plus Solving the Mystery of Building 7 was also again on display.

We were pleased to have a new addition to our model collection (below). Mike Woods made a scale model of the WTC complex alongside a situational map of the building 7 in relation to the Twin Towers, which was a perfect accompaniment to Chris Ashley’s detailed scale model of WTC 7.   We also displayed Jade Tuckwell’s impressive models of the Twin Towers which this year we placed at the end of the exhibition panels.  

Mike's WTC model

The literature display this year featured a pdf of the newly released children’s book – The Three Tall Buildings by Dee McLachlan.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get a hard copy in time so we had a pdf version of this story running on the laptop which both children and adults alike looked at.  We also gave away copies of the latest documentary from ae911truth, Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out. The ae911truth flyer and a Recommended Reading List were also available for people to take away.

This year we were also pleased to feature the work of 911 truth artist Roger Morris who displayed one of his thought provoking works of art and who travelled down to help us staff the exhibition on both days despite having injured himself the week preceding.

Saturday was a slow and steady day with many people who were given flyers returning on Sunday.  Like last year, as word got out in Wellington, Sunday afternoon was the busiest time at the exhibition.  It was wonderful to see a diverse range of people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds who viewed the exhibition, along with more families than in previous years.

Even though the overall numbers were less than last year, most of our visitors this year were not previously aware of the 911 evidence. While we always enjoy talking with people who are already aware of the evidence we display at our exhibitions, our target audience is the great number of people who have still not been exposed to accurate reporting on the events of September 11 2001. Many visitors were shocked at the revelations of information concerning Building 7 and their reactions were mixed.   Some were confused and angry, but most were very thankful that we had revealed this information to them. Most amazing after all this time is that there are so many people who are still unaware of the third tower to collapse in free fall speed that tragic day.

Thanks to Helen, Jade, Chris and Phillip in Wellington for all their hard work this weekend and generosity in donating to this exhibition, and thanks particularly to Mike Woods who facilitated the planning and marketing of this exhibition. Special thanks to Martin in Auckland for his generous donation, to David Ruddlestone from Raumati who helped set up the exhibition on Friday afternoon and to Jeremy, who helped set up the lighting on Saturday morning, helped staff the exhibition all day Saturday and returned to help with the pack out. A special thanks to Jade for bringing the crew custom-blended juice to help keep our energy and nutrition levels up!

Sunday morning brought back the rain and wind from Saturday, but cleared up enough to generate more passers-by later in the day, and therefore more visitors during the second half of the day.

Those of us in the exhibition room and on the street had the usual mix of mostly polite people and a very small number of hostile, truth-averse people. The arguments against our work are always expressed with a great deal of heat and little or no light. That said, we managed to make some progress in penetrating the hard shell of firm belief with some of the official conspiracy theory adherents. We find that talking to people who are learning new information for the first time to be the most rewarding part of our job. We recognise our great responsibility in encouraging people to think for themselves and to look for facts first before forming any conclusions.

We wish Mike well as he travels with the exhibition to help Peter at the Rotorua Convention Centre next weekend. If anyone in other areas would like to exhibit the work in future, please contact

(Content from Phillip and Helen)

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