Nov 142011

Posted On Wednesday, 02 Nov 2011

New research by CSU academic Dr Hugh McDermott shows how terrorists make millions playing the stockmarket, using their inside information about forthcoming attacks.

Terrorism: the ultimate in insider trading

A Charles Sturt University (CSU) researcher says that what happens to financial markets after a terrorist attack, and how terrorists make money from these market movements, is illustrated by the suspicious trading that occurred immediately before the successful attacks on New York, Madrid and London.

Dr Hugh McDermott, senior lecturer in law enforcement at the CSU Australian Graduate School of Policing in Manly, says terrorists make money by speculating on the markets.

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  One Response to “9/11 terrorists made millions on the stock market”

  1. Follow the money …
    the 911 Omission said the “financial side of the event of 9/11 were of little significants” WTF ?