Jul 272013

I attended the anti GCSB Bill protest today in Napier. There were about 200 people gathered in Napier’s Memorial Square to protest this draconian bill. It was a typical Hawkes Bay sunny winter’s day with not a cloud in the sky. There was a nice relaxed atmosphere with a good mix of people, young and old. There were some great eye catching and thought provoking banners on display. Bruce Bisset, writer, poet, & columnist for the Hawkes Bay Today gave a powerful speech and talked about the politics of fear and made mention of the “imaginary terrorists”. Russell Fairbrother QC, Lawyer & Ex Labour MP spoke about the dangers to democracy and civil liberties. The local Green candidate Paul Bailey shared the famous quote by Adolf Hitler “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”, which gave me an opportunity to call out “like 911” !

It was good to see a level of awareness among some of the people I spoke to today about the 911 false flag and its relationship to this proposed legislation. I gave away 50 of our compilation DVDS and ae911truth info flyers and whistle-blower flyers in the first half hour of the rally with a few people approaching me for information. Some of the people I offered information to said they were already in the know about 911. I had a very interesting conversation with an American gentleman, who has been living in the Hawkes Bay for 20 years. He was a friend of Peter Wilcox, Captain of the Rainbow Warrior. Needless to say, he was very clued up on 911 and had recently read Susan Lindeaur’s book Extreme Prejudice.
At the end of the march, a kind gentleman thanked me for the DVD and information and gave us a donation 🙂 I told him we would put it towards more DVDS for our upcoming exhibitions in September.

More about the protests around the country here with some great footage of our friend in Wellington – Nice One M!