Apr 162013

There were four of us at the VUW campus today for a bit less than two hours during the midday rush. There was a bit of rain, but not enough to hinder us too much as we distributed AE911Truth flyers and Experts Speak Out DVDs.

We each had the usual mix of strange and rewarding experiences talking with students and other passersby. So far as we can tell, the tutors generally seem rather truth-averse. Mike was told by a gentleman who appeared to be an instructor that he (the instructor) would have nothing to do with “your crazy conspiracy theories”. So much for the spirit of free, open and honest academic inquiry. Another faculty member awkwardly avoided one of our group whom he knew very well, shall we say. We were also told that we shouldn’t have been distributing DVDs on a day when three people had been killed at the Boston Marathon. This person did not express concern about the 55 dead from recent car bombs in Iraq.

Overall, we have a higher rate of acceptance of our materials on campus than we do anywhere else, but we also get perhaps the strongest negative reactions. Perhaps there is a secret VUW Thought Police Force that keeps faculty members in line.

I spoke to a gentleman who claimed to be a debunker of non-official ideas about 9/11. He cited the example of WTC7, which fell because there was a “large missing chunk” which escaped notice because it was on the opposite side of the building that was being photographed. The missing chunk was caused by falling debris from either WTC1 or WTC2 that must have somehow curved around to damage the back of WTC7. Missing Chunk Man also said there was incompetence involved, which was covered up to protect the incompetents who could have prevented Osama bin Laden from executing his evil plot. Missing Chunk Man had worked himself into to such a twisted frenzy of explanations, that he forgot to give back the DVD and flyer I had put in his hand a few minutes prior. I noticed that he was examining the flyer rather intently as he walked away.

I also spoke to a representative of the Fijian truth movement. She pointed out that we would not have been able to have the conversation we were having on the streets of Fiji. New Zealand is not yet under a military dictatorship, but in the meantime, we’ll have to settle for a mere surveillance society.

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  1. and once Key pushes new spying laws through ,who knows ?

    Orwell just got the date wrong .