Apr 232017

Amy Baker Benjamin – North Korea

How refreshing to hear our intellectually courageous academic Amy Baker Benjamin speak this morning on National Radio about the worrying state of global affairs we now find ourselves in. Thanks to Wallace Chapman for this fair and open interview. How I wish that those in the media regurgitating false reports and drumming for more wars and those who are meeting in Queenstown this weekend would heed Amy’s sage analysis.

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Amy Baker Benjamin Photo: RNZ

Amy Baker Benjamin lectures in Public International Law at AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand. She is a graduate of Yale Law School, former law clerk to Justice Stephen G. Breyer, and former Assistant United States Attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice. She joins Wallace to talk about the ongoing tensions on the Korean Peninsula and the rhetoric from US President Donald Trump.

  3 Responses to “Amy Baker Benjamin – North Korea on Wallace Chapman Show National Radio – 23 April 2017”

  1. Wallace seemed to refer to some articles that Amy wrote. Are there links to those articles (other than the ones we already know about)?

    PS: I just found one on Global Research:

  2. Thanks P – Amy’s articles appear underneath her bio at AUT

    Link here


  3. PS Amy is on a roll !
    She appeared on NewsHub this morning talking about Trump