Aug 142015

Congratulations to Martin Hanson whose excellent letters were published in the Nelson Mail on August 7 and the Golden Bay Weekly recently. 
Antidote-to-GWOTAugust 13, 2015

Antidote to GWOT

  2 Responses to “Antidote to Terror – Nelson Mail”

  1. A thought provoking letter, brilliantly written. Thanks, Martin!

  2. Goering was an evil man who did terrible things, but in this interview, reported in Gustav Gilbert’s book Nuremberg Diary, he did a great service to later generations. If U.S. politicians had told the truth, the democratically elected governments of Iran, Guatamala, Indonesia and Chile — to mention but a few — would not have been overthrown by coups organised by the CIA. There would have been no Vietnam war, no invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq. ISIS, which was incubated in the chaos resulting from American interference in Syria.

    I sometimes think it’s a pity that the rules can’t be changed to allow knighthoods to be awarded posthumously to non- Commonwealth citizens. Imagine, for a moment: “Sir Hermann Goering, for Services to Truth”. I really like the sound of that.