Apr 102012


Congratulations to Roger Morris who has been featured in today’s Taranaki Daily News talking about his recent exhibition Mirrorscript which opened at Eltham’s PTO Gallery on March 30 and runs until April 29.

“Morris says the exhibition is based on a truth-lie dichotomy, reflecting the two conflicting sides existing through the war and terrorism in today’s society, in particular, the “9/11 lie”.

“My show is about trying to find a language that explains how we behave on this planet.

“At the moment, the balance is way out. We’re wobbling terribly.”

There are two realities working within the same moment, he says. One side is based on stories told by governing and media organisations, while the reflecting narrative comes from real people and witnesses.

“There is another script on the other side of what we’re being told and given.”

The artist, who is also passionate about stone sculpture, says he has always been drawn to the “truth-lie dichotomy”.

Read full article and watch video with Roger discussing his work here