Apr 142018

Thank you to Kay Weir for her excellent letter which was published in the Dominion Post as the lead letter to the editor on Saturday 14 April.

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  One Response to “Attacks on Syria – Dominion Post – 14 April 2018”

  1. Bravo, Kay Weir! The stuff website doesn’t seem to have letters to the editor any more, and by the time I saw this, the Press Display version had been overwritten. Here is a text transcription of Kay’s letter:
    Wars based on United States-led
    Coalition lies destroyed Iraq and
    Libya. Is Syria next?
    Terrorist groups in Syria use
    chemical weapons but Syrian
    chemical attack (Dominion Post
    April 11) ignores this. The
    Washington Post, late In 2016,
    reported that Islamic State had used
    chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq
    52 times since 2014. A declassified
    August 2012 US Defence Intelligence
    Agency report notes that terrorist
    groups had been supported in Syria
    by US-led allies since at least 2012 to
    undermine the Assad government.
    Syrians have suffered greatly from
    their orchestrated violence.

    Syria asked Russia for support in
    2016 to prevent it becoming another
    Iraq and 95 per cent of Damascus
    territory has been regained. Recent
    unverified reports of chlorine gas
    use in East Ghouta were likely
    staged by the last terrorist pocket to
    provide an excuse for the US-led
    coalition to intervene to stop their
    final evacuation.

    Syria’s army, with Russian
    support, has liberated tens of
    thousands of civilians trapped for six
    years by terrorists in horrifying
    situations. Thousands of people are
    being cared for in relief centres run
    by Syrian and Russia medics and
    volunteers. Are we to just stand by
    and watch while America launches
    “new smart missiles” at Syria’s lawful