Oct 302011


The murder of three Australian soldiers and the wounding of seven others by a supposed Afghan ally has left the government and military scrambling to shore up support for a war that has claimed the lives of 32 Diggers, including 11 this year.

Defence Minister Stephen Smith said the motivation of the Taleban’s “high-profile, propaganda-motivated” attacks was to reduce confidence and political will for the conflict.

“If we were to leave now the Afghanistan/Pakistan border area would again become a breeding ground for international terrorism, and Australians have been on the receiving end of international terrorism, whether that has been in Indonesia, in the United States, or in Europe,”

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  One Response to “Australia’s resolve remains despite soldiers’ deaths”

  1. Sycophantic relationships with America piss me off . Once America had the opportunity to be the worlds leading Democracy …once.
    Ever since the underhanded take over of the American financial system in 1913 by the “Federal Reserve” Americas days have been numbered .
    When a private cabal of banks hijack a countries issuance of money ,the the “system” can only last for a limited period of time.
    We all have seen how power corrupts people .Even in our simple lives ,we see examples .For instance ,a fellow worker get promoted to a “staff” position and all of a sudden they change to this unrecognizable person .
    As they say “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”