Apr 292012

  4 Responses to “Webster Tarpley vs. Jonathan Kay on 911 Conspiracy”

  1. Jonathan Key is a fool. He never explains how WTC7 collapsed .

  2. Major General Smedley Butler & The Fascist Takeover Of The USA – A Warning From History
    “War is a racket” ,Major General Smedley Butler


  3. “Reality does not have a liberal bias; it has a conspiracy bias. Liberals and conservatives deny reality when they deny the validity of falsely labeled “conspiracy theories.”


  4. Mister Kay is introduced by Mister Frum,
    as a conspiracy theorist ‘analyst’.
    Mister Tarpley is introduced by Mister FRUM,
    as a conspiracy theorist ‘practitioner’

    The analyst
    The practitioner.
    The Doctor
    the patient.

    SO. The cognitive MAP established, the moment of introduction captures the heat of Frum and Kay toward the room, indicates who they are. What they intend to do. Control the narrative. Reality determined by them. ‘Conspiracy theory’, defined by them. Mister Tarpley, and his ‘version’ of reality, the 911 atrocity, is to be ‘studied like a bug under a glass’,
    by another bug.

    Messers Frum and Kay lay claim TRUTH their intellectual beat, and pronounce 911 occurred as told. The commission and NIST reports are, by virtue of their FACT, true. Any question of their being fabrication is unutterable madness. [Something you would think the authors should KNOW by now. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/01/us/graham-and-kerrey-see-possible-saudi-9-11-link.html?_r=1 ]
    Professor Sunstein, another Harvard man, now an Obama office holder, produced a paper proving it
    http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1084585 .
    Only now mister Sunstein can’t remember writing it. Can’t remember postulating the SINISTER ‘Crippled Truther Epistemology’.

    Back on stage, Mister Frum, and his occasional employer, Kay, stand with the Commission and NIST reports behind them. These are the tomes of JOB. and CAIN, Lee and Hamilton. Phillip Zelikow. Shyam ‘Pinocchio’ Sunder.

    The fantastic forensic and collected eyewitness evidence of explosive demolitions and ANY mention of them MISSING ENTIRELY from official record, swirl the bloody jagged and gagged bones of 911. The omission of these evidence streams and their non-investigation by the state, has the conspiracy rear its ugly head. The evidence was all removed in haste. Proper forensic study did not happen. ‘People’ were released from custody and flown from the country. Or mysteriously died. Computer algorithms remain protected by state secrets privilege. This matter has not been under cross examination by experts in an open court of LAW. Not anywhere. Whistle-blowers have been struggling against gag orders since the day, and c/o A.Hellerstein, Michael Chertoff, Judge John Walker et al, there have been no cases testing the official narrative ALLOWED to trial.

    For Frum and Kay, absence of whistle-blowing conspirators shouting loudly into their EARS “I did it” PROVES the official THEORY. Kay, as a Washington DC editor and member of FDD[foundation for defense of democracies] tells us lack of Media RUSH for the pulitzer prize is PROOF the commission and NIST theories are accurate. Mr Kay has HUNTED doubt DOWN with his intellectual prowess, and found it OUT. The creatioNIST ‘Thermal Expansion’ “magic BOLT” agnotology passes his metallurgic sniff test, but I wonder his never having read it. Ever having contended with anomalies ‘in the manner of controlled demolition’ 2.25 second FREE FALL of the gigantic 81 vertically columned 47 storied steel framed High Rise WTC7, present. That by his allowing the hypothetical “normal Office Furnishings Fires’, a ‘New Phenomena” in building science destruction, entered into science as FACT, is to be derided, example of the very FAILURE of IMAGINATION identified by the Commission.
    by virtue of his special assistant role with BUSH, at the time of 911, rolls his eyes at the ridiculousness of the audience. A truther crowd.
    He openly surmises.

    Mister Tarpley, recently returned from Syrian fields, ripe with testimony of NATO sniper/provocateur, discusses the fruits of decades of investigative journalism, lays out the damned and cursed. A memorial call to deep state False Flag Black Operational Industry stringing itself together through a History Mister Frum and Mister Kay PREFER we not register at all, lest it awaken that dreaded DOUBT in the VERACITY of our ‘betters’ and their creatioNIST narratives. Dulles. the dreaded Kissinger. Libya. Syria. Kennedy. Lansdale. GLADIO and Tonkin. Oklahoma city, the US military aircraft Drug Runs under GHW[the elder] BUSH, Clinton and MENA; the ART students ARRESTED laughing and congratulating each other as they filmed the Great TOWERS exploding into super thermate laced pulverized DUST storms that raged the streets of Manhattan, 9. 11. 2001. PTECH. Mitre. Barry JENNINGS. Susan Lindauer. Sibel Edmonds. Frields. Fuisz. Buzzy Krongaard and the TERROR TRADERS of wall street. power downs and strange trucks by night.

    To Mister Kay It is all a nonsense unworthy of civilized attention lest it be HIS, exposing ‘THEM’
    as marijuana users receiving all information by Youtube.

    Yet, just as crazed as any conspiracy theorist ‘truther’, Kay, through the looking glass, is he, himself Looking back. Using all the same methods, the propagandist, the tome teller, the religiously determined Mister Kay identifies himself as the classic “Conspiracy Theorist” obsessed with ‘truth’ telling, defender of the Official Conspiracy Theory.
    Writing books on the matter.
    Discussing for hours in festering righteousness,
    Able to allow the sudden FREE FALL of building 7 as result of ‘Normal office furnishings fires’ already OUT at the time of critical shear-stud Break, a ‘new Phenomena’ identified by Shyam P. Sunder and the commerce Dept cartooNISTs ;

    is perfectly NORMAL.