Dec 102012

It was a windy Wellington day, so it was well that we planned our December action for the Railway subway. There were four of us working the area for about 1 1/2 hours. We distributed about 290 DVDs, about 200 of the most recent AE911Truth DVD, “Experts Speak Out”, and some older combo DVDs. Each person who received a DVD also received a flyer, either our great Whistle-blowers flyer, or the fact-filled AE911Truth flyer.

Once again, we had Mike’s thought provoking placards lining two of the hallways as people approached, and two of our large banners. Even those who did not glance at us or take a DVD were confronted with the uncomfortable fruits of 9/11, including senseless, illegal wars and the loss of civil rights and privacy.

As usual, we had no takers from the many uniformed military who paraded through, but they did notice the signage and seemed curious about it. I managed to put a DVD in the hands of a local TV journalist, who seemed very perplexed at our presence. I’m not anticipating any increased MSM coverage as a result, but perhaps he will at least absorb a bit of information.

Towards the end we had the special treat of the virtuoso violin busking of Jonathan Tanner. His selections covered a wide range, from classical pieces by Vivaldi and Bach, to fiddle tunes, pop standards and some amazing jazz playing as well. It seemed that his music caused people to slow down a bit and perhaps become more receptive to our message.

We wish you the best for the holidays, and hope that more of you can join us in our actions in 2013.

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  1. Gotta say …you people are awesome …. one thing the perpetrators of 911 didn’t count on ,was conscientious truth seekers like yourselves and the tens of thousands like you around the world ! Who at personal expense seek nothing but the truth of what really happened on the morning of September 11th. 2001 in New York.
    Thanks for your great work and I hope your holidays help bring peace and refresh all parts of your lives .

  2. Thanks Mick for all your support!

    Yes, there was a special vibe in the subway yesterday afternoon. It was heartening to have people comment they had already received a DVD from us in the past. Two people I spoke to had visited our exhibition and one lady asked if we are going to hold another exhibit in the future.

    I spoke to one interesting gentleman who had experimented with homemade thermate in his teen years Of course he was definitely convinced that thermite had a role to play in all three buildings collapses!

    I also met a lovely woman who had witnessed the murder of the young Brazilian man in London on 7/7 and we had an interesting discussion about those tragic events and the relationship to 911. We spoke about the dangers of current US militarism and how since 911 we in the western world have witnessed successive governments that have demonstrated little respect for international law, human rights, or the United States Constitution. Thanks again to Mike for his thought provoking signs which summarised and highlighted these dangers to everyone who walked past them, including those members of the armed forces!

    It is hard that 11 years on the real conspirators of 911 have not yet come to justice and that those in power and the media continue to ignore or cover-up or attack the truth. As we learn of another possible “intervention” in Syria I believe peace lies in the 911 truth message and in continuing to educate those who are unaware of false flag attacks.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have so generously contributed to the production of the DVDS and flyers and to the exhibition etc.

    Dec 10 was World Soliditary Day for Afghanistan and I found this beautiful poem which I thought I would share with my 911 truth friends below. I wish you all the peace and joy of the Christmas season and truth and justice in 2013.

    The Prayer of an Afghan Woman

    Oh! The Killers of My Husband and Son!

    Sitting on the graves of my husband and son,

    Who fell victim to the savagery of your bullets,

    My curse would have brought doom for you,

    But the human passion still reigns my heart.

    I pray, your wives never see my horrible fate,

    To shed the streams of tears on your deaths ,

    I pray, your children bloom before your eyes,

    You may never suffer the grief of their loss.

    I pray, God may make you leave my land,

    And guide you to lead a humanitarian life,

    I pray, you may never kill an innocent soul,

    And save you always from His Divine wrath.


    Dr.Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.

  3. Helen I really loved the poem that you posted. Such a powerful message of compassion instead of revenge and hate.