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By Travellerev
Wednesday 13 June

For those of you who missed the radio show here is what I was talking about. I did this research in the second half of 2010 and have been on Kevin Barrett’s and Jim Fetzer’s shows to talk about this. I have been invited by jim Fetzer to return to his show sometime in the future to speak on this and other subjects related to 911 and other subjects I write about on my blog.


Monday, 6 December 2010

7:51 a.m.

This paper in no way claims to deliver final or scientific research on the events of 9/11.

This paper is not meant to prove 9/11 was perpetrated by a group other than the one presented to us in the OCT but rather as an opportunity to study possible scenario’s for the preparation of the demolition sequences of the three towers which were brought down on that day.

I believe that the case for perpetrators other that those presented by the OCT has been made convincingly by research done already.

It is my conviction that only a new and independent investigation into the events of that day by a commission with full authority to investigate call witnesses to testify under oath and unlimited access to all documents or information it wishes to investigate under obligation of total transparency to the public may eventually bring above board the true nature and perpetrators of the crime committed on that day.

9/11: A Storyboard Event

This paper attempts to analyze the events of 9/11 from a SFX professional point of view based on 18 years of experience in storyboard analysis, real world Special effects preparation and film experience.

In this paper I want to present two ideas not addressed (to my knowledge) before.

1. The demolition sequences of 9/11 were based a story board.

2. The preparation of the demolition sequences of the three towers was done with software I believe to have been available before 2001 reducing the need for huge numbers of planners and making a number of different demolition sequences available on the day itself.


When the events of 9/11 took place I was working as a Special effects model maker and engineer in Europe .Together with my husband I owned a small Special effects company with max. 15 employees at times and as such was very involved with the analysis and translation of literally hundreds of story boards. Storyboards are a series of little drawings showing key frames in a film in order to tell the intended story to prospective clients, film crew etc and as such we were presented with many of them.

Our speciality was providing film makers (primarily short advertisement films) with real world special effects. Models made in our workshops and animated with sometimes complicated mechanical and electronically driven computerised movements.

By their very nature SFX are solutions both in the real world and in the modern 3D computer world offered for situations which could not happen in reality. If real world solutions were available SFX would not be required.

For example: a Beer keg rolls along the street, around corners, jumps a bridge only to land after a long and protracted journey in front of a student flat were the students bring it in and open it only to have it explode in an orgy of beer foam against the windows.

In reality a beer keg would not be able do this so a team of SFX engineers is called in to make this happen. (Real world example of the kind of work we would be asked to do. Photo’s available).

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