Nov 152011

We will be at the Evolving Consciousness Event at Waitangi Park in Wellington this weekend Sunday 20 November from 11.00 am.

Members from NZ911truth will be standing in solidarity with Occupy Building 7 in New York . As well as providing free information flyers and DVDs, we will also be displaying some of the images from the successful see the evidence exhibition along with video footage of Building 7.

  2 Responses to “Evolving Consciousness Event – November 20”

  1. Hope your taking Chris’s scale model of WTC 7 . It’s a great physical connection with the actual internal structure of the building .It certainly shows how unlikely a “global collapse” would be .

    Asymmetrical damage CAN NOT lead to a symmetrical collapse ,ever .

  2. Dear wonderful organisers at Occupy Building 7 and Remember Building 7

    I just wanted to let you know that a group of us here in Wellington New Zealand were thinking of you all in New York today as we stood with you in soliditary and brought information about Occupy Building 7 and the campaign to remember Building 7 to the people of Wellington.

    We set up a gazebo as part of the Evolving Consciousness event in Central Waitangi park located next to the National Museum of NZ (Te Papa) where Richard Gage delivered his successful presentation Blueprint for Truth to over 600 people in November 2009.

    We were able to display some of the images from our recent successful exhibition See the Evidence before Wellington’s famous blustery winds blew our roof away 🙁 Despite the wind, we were still able to talk with people passing by and we gave away 911 truth documentaries and flyers including information about the Building 7 campaign and Richard Gage’s presentation at Te Papa.

    Many of the people we spoke to today were unaware of Building 7 and it was wonderful to have Chris Ashley’s fantastic scaled model of WTC 7 to demonstrate the implausability of the official explanation of collapse.

    We will continue to educate the people here about Building 7 and we wish you all the best for the rest of the campaign.

    Kia Kaha
    Helen Waddington
    on behalf of