Mar 212011

Tom Sullivan Former Explosives Loader for Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI)

Tom Sullivan (a member of worked for Controlled Demolition, Inc. for almost three years before and during 9/11 as a Site Photographer and Explosives Technician. He is also licensed by the FDNY to handle explosives. His explosives technician duties included placing explosives in buildings to prepare them for demolition. In this video he talks about the operations of a classic controlled demolition, including the wide use of Thermite self-consuming shape charges, the availability of remote detonation (which he suggests is too expensive for most applications other than military) and lack of steel casings, seen mostly in older jobs. According to Sullivan, one would expect a ‘wave of explosions’ whether then one large boom, just as multiple pieces of video demonstrate from 9/11. Sullivan called the NIST report on Building 7 “very suspect,” while pointing out that he speaks as an individual based on his experience with CDI (but not in any way on their behalf).

At the heart of Sullivan’s statement, he says:

“I knew from day one this was a controlled event. And why I did that was simply looking at Building 7. You have a sudden collapse of a building; it’s fairly symmetrical as it comes down. There’s a classic kink, which means the center core collapses first. You can see that on the video. And the building falls near freefall. So I really, honestly, didn’t believe this from day one, because this is the way buildings classically come down with controlled demolition.”

  One Response to “Fmr. Explosives Loader for Controlled Demolition, Inc. Speaks Out”

  1. It is so CLEAR that it resonates crystal and pings to the end of silence. Mr Sullivan, in 9 minutes, explains the COMMERCIAL REALITIES of detonation that define building sevens 47 storied, 6.5 second drop.[The speed of deceit].
    Remote detonation? -been around for years, but too expensive except militarily…. Steel casings? Not used. Nothing left of copper jacketed shape charges….. Thermite self consuming shape charges widely used since PATENT in 1984, leaving nothing but molten Iron[watch your step Gross]. That it is NOT necessary to load the outer columns on a steel framed construction, just the cores sometimes only, and then the bottom third to bring it down . Its all here. pop-pop-pop. The idea that ONE unheated column failing over behemoth 81 columned plan area could induce an instantaneous COMPLETE collapse AT freefall…lies beyond the scope of reason….in computer construct la-la land.

    Now. This testimony hits the titanium wall of officialdom where this conspiracy rests. Where the killer drones fly. In the pretend great free state, on whatever door or gate can be found bound and locked, will be the words “No Comment”. Gross, Goss, Chertoff or Sunder. They will not be required by saint nor sinner nor thief to respond to Mr. Sullivan and Mr Gages excellent discussion. Even though it pertains to the science of demolition and illumination of the disgusting NIST reports fakery.

    There is no requirement, no precedent, no judgment yet cast by the gods to HAVE these men of NIST answer to their science fiction. In fact, even more sinister are the DIRECTIVES Mr Sarshars testimony exposes of officialdom’s response to FACTS not acceptable to the program, [FBI] “it never happened”. “Those conversations didn’t occur”. Or, worse, as Susan Lindauer [CIA]reported, injections of HALDOL delivered by Dr VAS in some terrible prison [Bradley Manning] where life insurance helps cover costs once you die in solitude., right up to Barry Jennings [OEM] and ‘The disappeared”.

    Somewhere., in this constructed, systemic multi faceted LIE, there is a faulty bolt [the magic bolt]. Find it, and the whole thing comes down. just like NIST on 911.