May 082013

Three Kiwi Heroes
Waihopai heroes give up their shirts and….

Three brave kiwis, Adi Leeson, Sam Land and Peter Murnane appear in the Court of Appeal in Wellington this morning seeking to overturn a High Court decision allowing the GCSB to pursue a civil claim for $1.2 million for damage done to the Waihopai spybase when they deflated one of the domes in an anti-war protest in 2008.

This trio were found not guilty of wilful damage by a jury in 2010 but the GCSB are taking them to court for damage to the dome and to pay for pies and drinks for the workers who re-erected a new dome.

The trio will take part in a protest outside the court of Appeal this morning at 10am with a protest following at the steps of parliament where the poverty-stricken trio will offer the government the shirts off their backs and…. They will be met at parliament by Mana MP Hone Harawira.

This protest deserves public debate since the government is this week to introduce into parliament legislation to make legal what the GCSB has been doing illegally for 10 years now – spying on New Zealanders.

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  2 Responses to “GCSB vs Three Kiwi Heroes”

  1. John Key says 138 companies had attempts to “hack” their sites and his response ?
    A law change so that the government agencies can spy on every person in New Zealand !
    Surely it would be easier and more effective to beef up net security at the 138 companies ?
    This is a scam from a government that has an appalling record of failure .
    Hows that “Brighter Future” looking ?
    He couldn’t help himself ,he had to say “WMD’s” .
    Key is turning into George W Bush of the South Pacific .

  2. This will be nothing but a show trial, I’m certain we can play it out in New Zealand’s favour. With the Kim Dotcom thing and the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp hunger strike, there’s never been a lower point in the War On Terror’s history. The Boston Bombings only gave credence to our view that government cannot “fight terror” enough to make a difference.