May 282016

German TV Show ‘Galileo’ Airs Special on AE911Truth to Audience of Two Million Viewers

On Monday, May 23, one of Germany’s most popular television shows, “Galileo,” aired a 15-minute segment about the ongoing efforts of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and 9/11 family member Bob McIlvaine.

“Galileo” reaches an audience of some two million in Germany each day and is syndicated across Europe.

  3 Responses to “German TV Show ‘Galileo’ Profiles AE911Truth, Bob McIlvaine”

  1. This is a well balanced report about the 9/11 Truthers. There are no derogatory comments apart form the occasional references to ‘Conspiracy Theories and ‘Conspiracy Theorists”. In respect, the next of kin are referred to as ‘Truthers’ as are the Architects and Engineers. Well worth watching!

  2. Thanks for posting, H! I’ve gotten a few “likes” on my FB page on this item and no snarky comments yet. As a followup, I’ve added the “force in motion” video, which I think is the best short video out there.

  3. In my opinion this TV-show is a smart piece of propaganda – what they didn’t mention (AE911Truth was a bit too enthusiastic about ) – the beginning of the show was “how to create a conspiracy theory” – a selfmade story that was printed in some newspapers …- and in Germany the word “Truther” is a label not only used for 9/11 Truth, but for everything like “Conspiracy theory” that is nonsense, superstition, belief without evidence …
    In a journal or newspaper (even in an essay at school) normally you try to avoid using several times the same word – in this case they use “Truther” and “Conspiracy theory” – to tag them in a very sophisticated way.
    And they didn’t show the best evidences … molten steel, nanothermite, hot temperatures, pulverized concrete, testimonies of explosions, bone fragments, …
    There are some more things I analyzed: They didn’t show that Bobby’s upper face was missing …
    Best regards from Switzerland