Mar 152011

Concerned whistleblowers and family members of the former United Airlines Pilot Captain Dan Hanley report that this outspoken whistleblower advocate has seemingly vanished 3 weeks ago.

Dan Hanley has been actively serving as the national public spokesperson of the Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association for the last 7 years. Captain Hanley’s and the Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association Facebook pages with over 10,000 friends have disappeared and the Association’s official website,, has been “frozen”.

The text, “911 was an inside job; no Muslims were involved” was posted on his website in December 2010 in response to a question on the website “Did a plane actually hit the Pentagon on 911?”

This new public stand by Hanley and the whistleblower association followed Hanley’s recent radio program and Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ program in which Pilots for 911 Truth members Rob Balsamo and Captain Ross “Rusty” Aimer were interviewed.

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  2 Responses to “Head of the Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association Goes Missing”

  1. I just found some more information regarding Captain Dan Hanley on the Pilots for 9/11 truth forum. Unfortunately noone has heard anything of his whereabouts yet? Any updates will be found here.

    A comment posted on the forum giving more background .. –
    “Dan was exposing corruption within the UAL Bankruptcy post 9/11 (the longest Chp 11 in American History, killing work rules, salaries and pensions for many, even those not directly working for UAL), along with putting the dots together regarding 9/11. He was constantly talking with FBI and SEC ‘brass’. He was gaining more and more media coverage.

    Now he disappears?

    He was working/flying for a carrier out of Islamabad, Pakistan last he was seen. If anyone has any information to his whereabouts, please post it.

    Please also send this notice out to all media. Hopefully they will pick up the story.”