Apr 152015

Tweeters turn Hillary Clinton campaign logo into bizarre 9/11 Rorschach test

Democratic presidential candidate’s logo sets off mini-Twitterstorm with claims of plagiarism, mixed messages and allusion to the twin towers

Hillary Clinton’s new campaign logo was the subject of fevered comment as soon as it hit the internet on Sunday.

Some pointed out flaws in its basic symbolism, as a red arrow – the colour of US Republicanism – striking to the right, through what people said looked like a blue blockade.

Wikileaks entered the fray to accuse Hillary of plagiarising their own logo, which also, erm, features a red arrow.

But others saw a more sinister image at play.

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  One Response to “Hillary campaign gets a 911 twist”

  1. Unfortunately, none of the comments on this story mention the Oklahoma City Bombing, of which the 20th anniversary just passed. Kevin Ryan gives a good overview of the current state of the non-investigation and coverup. This event and Waco, which took place exactly a year before OKC, both happened during Bill Clinton’s first term.

    Link to Kevin Ryan’s recent article: