Mar 202014

  One Response to “How to Steal an Airplane – From 9/11 to MH370”

  1. What a great podcast. I find this issue a real litmus test for conspiracy theorists. James had a roundtable conversation a few weeks ago where they discussed what people’s “crazy line” or something like that is. That is, how far “out there” do you go in your conspiratorial world view? I tend to think that Flight MH370 either crashed, or was remotely hijacked in the way James describes. I’ve heard some pretty wacky ideas so far. My favorites are two so far: 1. it marks the beginning of The Rapture or 2. the plane entered a “portal”, like the Bermuda Triangle. It’s not a laughing matter, but when so much time has gone by with no real clue, these stories will pop up.