Sep 282011

Prime Minister John Key does not understand the history of Afghanistan, says former cricketer and Pakistani politician Imran Khan.

While Khan is known to many New Zealanders as the captain of Pakistan’s 1992 Cricket World Cup winning team, opinions polls suggest he may be elected the next prime minister of Pakistan.

Speaking to TVNZ’s Q+A programme from London, Khan responded to Key’s justification for committing SAS troops, given two years ago, that without troops, control would be ceded to the Taliban and “in more probability more terrorist attacks will be planned”.

“The New Zealand prime minister does not understand Afghanistan. If only he had read the history of Afghanistan, even the British – three wars in Afghanistan. The Russians killed a million Afghans – a million out of a population then of 15 million. A million died, and they were fighting more at the end than the beginning. Everyone was fighting. The women were fighting. They do not understand Afghanistan. This is a quagmire. From day one, I’ve opposed it, this insane war, and I can give you in writing that for another 10 years, there will be fighting there, and they will make no headway at all. In fact, they radicalise the people much more”

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  1. Mike Woods sent in this excellent letter to TVNZ in response to the interview.

    Dear Producer
    I watched the Paul Holmes’ interview this morning with Imran Khan. During the panel discussion afterwards one of the panel members asked us not to forget the reason for the war in Afghanistan. He said it was because the Taliban (Afghanistan) were responsible for the deaths of around 3000 persons on 9/11. He went on to say that the Taliban threw acid in peoples faces whereas the New Zealand troops built schools etc. Thereby justifying our on-going involvement in the war.

    Firstly there is absolutely no evidence that Osama Bin Laden or the Taliban or the Sovereign State of Afghanistan had anything to to with the attacks on 9/11. On the contrary there is ample evidence, corroborated by world leading scientists, engineers, architects and chemists that the three Word Trade Centre buildings were demolished using explosives. WTC 7, a 47 story building collapsed at almost free-fall speed into its own footprint about seven hours after the twin towers were also demolished at free-fall speed. WTC 7 was not hit by an aeroplane. It is highly unlikely that the Taliban had access to these three buildings to plant the explosives.

    Secondly, the panel member concerned, should read Nicky Hager’s book ‘Other People’s Wars’ to find out what our NZ forces are really up to in Afghanistan.

    Please have a look at the exhibition that was held in Wellington on September 11 by the New Zealand 911 truth movement that presented evidence that contradicts the official story:

    Also have a look at the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth website:

    There are hundreds if not thousands of other links, books, articles and scientific papers that present evidence that contradicts the official story of 9/11.

    I think Q & A is a very good programme and Paul Holmes does a great job, but It’s about time the mainstream media presented the evidence of controlled demolitions on 9/11.

    The people deserve to be told the truth.

  2. John Key is a psychopath .
    His nickname in New York was the “smiling assassin” . Why ?
    Because he could walk into a room and “dismiss” (fire,sack,give the boot) hundreds of “employees” and never let that insincere smile slip.
    Ask yourself ,could you do that ? Tell so many people that “you are now unemployed” and maintain a smile ?

    911 is the “Rosetta stone” for the “War on terror” ,once we understand who was actually behind 911 we will see who the real focus should be in the “War on terror”.

  3. Dear Producer

    Thank you for interviewing Mr Khan. I agree absolutely with his comments regarding the futility of NZ’s involvement in the War on Terror and Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden being very much “a friend of the Americans”. A fact confirmed by ex- FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds – . In her testimony she says that the US maintained ‘intimate relations’ with Bin Laden, and the Taliban, “all the way until that day of September 11.” It was a shame that the interviewer did not find out more about Mr Khan’s comments regarding a commission investigating the certain links between American agencies and the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

    It’s also a shame that TVNZ continues to ignore the growing world-wide 9/11 truth movement and the overwhelming treasure trove of information and analysis available to anyone with an internet connection and a library card. This body of evidence shows the official account of 9/11 to be nothing but a historic cover-up and a criminal fraud against the people of the United States and the World.

    Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth ( have just released a highly compelling documentary where architects, engineers, physicists, scientists, demolition experts at the highest levels explain the scientific evidence behind the three building collapses on 9/11 and why the official story is unscientific – see

    While our media in NZ reported on the human tragedy of 9/11 and the memorial events playing out around the world and here in NZ, it chose to ignore the extremely compelling body of evidence put forward by various experts and academics in Toronto – see The International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001, attracted over 60,000 viewings on the Internet even as the proceeding took place.

    As I write this letter to you, I hear of yet another SAS soldier who has been killed in Afghanistan. The cost of the War on Terror and the key role of the 9/11 event that created the link can only warrant increasing scrutiny. Please report on the evidence of 9/11. The body of evidence gathered analysed and presented by 9/11 Truth, which already is widely accepted, is a ticking time bomb and will not be continued to be ignored. How many more unnecessary deaths? John Key says we must keep helping Afghanistan, and not pull our troops out until …when … more Kiwi deaths?

    Yours faithfully
    Helen Waddington

  4. It is extremely disappointing that one of the panel members accused the Taliban of carrying out 9/11. Some people are still clueless, believing that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are one-and-the-same. The official story of 9/11 says that Al Qaeda was behind the attack, NOT the Taliban. Also, KSM is the alleged mastermind, not OBL. I’d be surprised if New Zealanders even knew what either of those abbreviations mean. How daft are these conspiracy theorists?! They believe the official word on everything, but they don’t even know what the official word is! For the last time, Mullah Omar and the Taliban did not carry out 9/11. Reading a book about it isn’t that hard!

    To defeat confusion, I highly recommend the book Imperial Hubris, Why The West Is Losing The War On Terror.

    It seems most people get caught up in their own emotions, erroneously believing that the Taliban are nothing more than a bunch of uncivilised, woman-hating paedophiles. To many New Zealanders, Afghanistan is a backward country in dire need of endless occupation. In New Zealand, there is a notion that Afghanistan can only progress if its people abandon their tribal codes and customs, and instead adopt white European values, plus democracy. Unfortunately this will not work, because our values and aggression are viewed as meddling. “Afghan democracy” is a phrase which shouldn’t exist.

    Khan is correct: John Key does not understand Afghanistan. To get his facts, John Key probably goes to Obama, and Obama probably goes to arms industry lobbyists. New Zealand should be doing its own intelligence work, but of course, if somebody were to take an objective view on Afghanistan, then we’d come to inconvenient conclusions. So, from now on we’ll keep waffling on about the “terror threat”, while continually taking advice from the Pentagon and the Whitehouse. Way to go, John.

  5. I just called the Prime Minister’s office, to tell his assistant that the war is a failure. I took less than three minutes, but I’m sure they got the message 😉

    I was quite objective in what I said. Reading books certainly gives me an edgy over those crazy far-left people. I doubt John Key would ever debate with me in public. He would lose.