Apr 252012

Silverstein laughs all the way to the bank

by Kevin Barrett

In today’s news, American Home Assurance has announced that it is capping payouts for WTC-demolition asbestos claims at a measly $10 million.

The announcement underlines just how much cheaper it is to demolish asbestos-laden skyscrapers without a permit, than to follow legal procedures.

Larry Silverstein, a reputed illicit-sex-industry mobster, purchased the World Trade Center in 2001, shortly after the New York Port Authority lost an asbestos lawsuit and was ordered to remove all asbestos from the Twin Towers. Cost estimates for that asbestos removal ranged from the low billions to the tens of billions – far more than the outdated, half-empty buildings were worth. (The City of New York had been desperately seeking a way to demolish the Towers since around 1990, but was prevented from doing so by asbestos issues.)
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  One Response to “Insurer Caps WTC-Demolition Asbestos Payout at 10 Million”

  1. A couple of points ,recently I read that having your appendix removed in America can cost up to US$180,000 . Therefore $10 million is some kind of sick joke played on those people that responded to Americas call for help after the events of that tragic day . Then there is the fact that the EPA lied an told everybody that the air was safe to breathe !
    As a “Truther” I’ve been hassled uncountable times by people who say ” The Government would never do anything that would take the lives of its own people ” ….I rest my case ,clearly they would ,have ,are !