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Date: 19 November 2012 (Monday)

Time: 9am – 5pm

Venue: Dewan Tun Dr. Ismail, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Keynote Address by

YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia & President of Perdana Global Peace Foundation
Session 1 – What Really Happened on 9/11?

General Tan Sri Azumi Mohamed (Rtd.)
Trustee PGPF

Ms Cynthia Mckinney
Former US Congresswoman / Commissioner in the Citizens’ Commission on 9/11

Mr James Corbett
Journalist & Film Producer

Mr. Richard Gage
Founder of Architects & Engineer for 9/11 Truth
Session 2 – Fear Factor

Tan Sri Hasmy Agam
Chairman SUHAKAM

Prof. Michel Chossudovksy
Professor of Economic, University of Ottawa

Prof. Graeme Macqueen
Author & Organiser of the Toronto 9/11 Hearings

Prof. Niloufer Bhagwat
Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at University of Mumbai, India
Session 3 – Post 9/11: Global Consequences

Datuk Dr Mohd Ghazali b Hj Datuk Mohd Noor
Protem Chairman, Islamic Development Bank Alumni of Malaysia / Senior Adjunct, Tindakan Strategi Sdn. Bhd.

Prof. Dr. Hans Kochler
University of Innsbruck Austria

Mr. Guiletto Chiesa
Former Member of EU Parliament / Italian Politician

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar
President of International Movement for a Just World
Session 3 – 9/11 and War Crimes A Panel Discussion & Recommendation

Prof. Gurdial Singh Nijar
Faculty of Law University Malaya
Closing Session

Tan Sri Norian Mai
Perdana Global Peace Foundation

FREE ENTRY and OPEN TO PUBLIC. Please RSVP for the conference by filling up the form below or you can also email your particulars to [email protected] by 15 November 2012.

  One Response to “INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on “9/11 REVISITED – SEEKING THE TRUTH” Date: 19 November 2012 (Monday)”

  1. I only found out about this conference today and it has filled me with hope that the Truth will finally come out. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all have attended this conference flying the New Zealand flag and supporting the brave speakers and the Malaysian Government.