Apr 082011

Jessie Ventura has recently been promoting his latest book 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want you to Read in the main stream media. Some of the CNN presenters did their best to paint him as a “mad man” and “crazy” but the ex- governor of Minnesota, Navy SEAL, pro-wrestler, and Harvard professor kept his cool and body slammed them with evidence and TRUTH.

In a less combative interview, the presenter at Russia Today suggested that the American people “don’t want to know the truth” and Ventura reminded her of “an American citizen’s democratic duty to be vigilant and to demand accountability from one’s government”.

On his Fox Business program, Andrew Napolitano also hosted Jesse Ventura to discuss the history of “government deception.” The topic of 9-11 conspiracy theories appeared to briefly surface when it was mentioned during an aside by Ventura. Ventura said that a New York City fireman recently thanked him for “standing up for us firemen and telling the truth of 9-11.” Napolitano replied that “it’s very interesting that people are worried about losing their benefits if they speak the truth. The truth used to be a premium in this country. Now you get punished for it.”

see http://mediamatters.org/blog/201104070020