Apr 232014

Congratulations to Martin Hanson whose wonderful letter to the Ed re the “deceptive TPPA” was published today in the Gisborne Herald.
Gisborne Herald 23_4_14

  2 Responses to “Junior Partner in TPP”

  1. It’s nice to see people are finally hearing about TPPA. It is appalling the lack of media coverage this pivotal issue is receiving ,meaning next to no coverage .
    There are so many problems with the TPPA be it the fact that of the 29 Chapters of the Partnership Agreement only 5 loosely relate to trade !
    Also what is wrong with New Zealands legal system that the Transnational Corporations are fighting to put in place “tribunals” to hear any case they have against our Government . Cases where the Corporations say our laws restricted their ability to make a profit .They would take us to the tribunal with corporate lawyers sitting as judges !
    There are so many over reaches in TPPA ,that’s why it is being done in near total secrecy !

    Here is a good example of how TPPA will have us moving to an American Health Care INDUSTRY …


  2. Thanks Mick – Scarey indeed! I have also just learned about the internet censorship as part of the TPPA which would force ISPs to act as “Internet Police” monitoring our Internet use, censoring content, and removing whole websites. see more here http://rinf.com/alt-news/breaking-news/secret-plan-advance-global-internet-censorship-isps-act-internet-police/