Jul 032013

Robert Green and Kate Dewes addressed the Intelligence and Security Committee, chaired by Prime Minister John Key yesterday, about their ongoing harassment and surveillance. See the documentary below, and press story.


A Christchurch couple, prominent in the anti-nuclear movement here and in the UK, have made an impassioned plea to the prime minister to use his powers to stop them being spied on.

Kate Dewes and Robert Green spoke of the stress surveillance had put them under when they appeared before parliament’s intelligence and security committee on Wednesday.

The committee is considering law changes which will allow the GCSB to snoop on New Zealanders.

The pair say the GCSB needs greater oversight and accountability to protect people from criminal activity by such agencies.

Dr Dewes said she had been spied on by the Security Intelligence Service since at least the mid-1980s while as a peace and anti-nuclear campaigner.

Things had escalated when she met former Royal Navy commander, Robert Green, a 20-year veteran who had piloted aircraft with nuclear weapons. Since leaving the services he has written a book about the 1984 murder of his aunt, Hilda Murrell, 78, an anti-nuclear campaigner.

The pair say Ms Murrell was killed because she obtained embarrassing information about Britain’s nuclear power plants.

Dr Dewes said she had collected 30 years of proof she and her family had been snooped on at least 100 times by phone, mail, and email, which continued to this day.

Their house was being watched by people in parked cars and had been broken into five times since 1999.

They did not know if it was the GCSB or a foreign spy agency, however, they believed it could be the GCSB after complaints to police, Telecom, NZ Post, the privacy commissioner and even SIS director Warren Tucker failed to reveal who was watching them.

“Then who is doing it?” Dr Dewes asked the committee.

“I would ask you to ask your colleagues in the Five Eyes to allow us to get on with our lives in privacy, and find the true culprits for the murder of Rob’s aunt.”

Mr Green said his aunt got copies of “extremely sensitive information which could seriously embarrass the current British government”.

He has written a book, A Thorn in Their Side, about the death of his aunt. A new edition with more information is due out shortly, which he says will exonerate the man who was eventually convicted.

  3 Responses to “Kate and Robert’s GCSB story”

  1. Thanks for the link …John Key is a spineless American sycophant and I doubt he will stand during the next election . It’s ironic when Russian TV reports on our Government wanting to spy on us .

  2. Synchronicity City! Hilda Murrell was the topic of one of the chapters in David Aaronovich’s “Voodoo Histories”. Of course the Secret Service was not involved and the cops got the right man, according to the Voodoo Historian.

    Here’s my review of his book, though I make no mention of the Murrell murder, since I have no other information about it.