Oct 272013

Kiwi soldier wounded by ‘insider attack’
Last updated 14:10 27/10/2013

Defence Force commander Lieutenant-General Rhys Jones has given more details on the Kiwi soldier shot in the foot in Afghanistan yesterday.

Speaking at a press conference, Lieutenant-General Jones said the Sergeant was with two Australian troops returning from a visit to a neighbouring Afghan army unit around 9am Afghan time yesterday.

Without warning, an Afghan soldier shot at them and hit one of the Australians in the chest.

Lieutenant-General Jones said the Australian’s body armour shattered the bullet and a piece of shrapnel hit the New Zealander in the foot.

The Afghan shot three times in quick succession, then began to advance towards the group. The other Australian soldier shot and critically wounded him.

“We don’t know of that is killed or just critically injured at this stage,” Lieutenant-General Jones said.

The New Zealander was a member of the Afghan National Army Officer Academy support team.

The New Zealander was treated at the scene and then airlifted to Craig Hospital at Bagram Air Force Base, where he received further medical treatment.

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