Oct 302015

We attended this highly informative and sobering lecture which was hosted by the Pacific Institute of Resource Management at Victoria University of Wellington on Thursday 29 October at 5.30 pm. I highly recommend a listen to this lecture which is now posted at the Pacific Ecologist Website link here

The United States has been the dominant world power since World War II, even prior to USSR break-up, as indicated by more than 70 governments overthrown by the US in that period. The USSR collapse led to a complete reshaping of the European landscape, but at the same time China has emerged as a leading world power, as it had been before the 17th century. In recent years its growing financial and economic strength is transforming not only China, but also laying the foundations for a completely new economic order through a ‘new silk roads’ policy that is accompanied by a network of regional and world-wide agreements. Once again Eurasia is at the heart of what Sir Halford Mackinder in 1904 called the ‘world island’. For the west, these developments will shape the foreseeable future world-wide.

James writes on geopolitical issues with a legal and human rights perspective. He was educated at Canterbury, Victoria and Auckland Universities, and has practised as a barrister in Brisbane since 1984. He publishes in Counterpunch and New Eastern Outlook, and presents to organisations such as the Australian Institute for International Affairs.

  2 Responses to “Lecture by James O’Neill, writer and barrister, Brisbane – From the West’s Wars to the Silk Roads of the New Eurasia”

  1. James O Neill was the organiser and host of Richard Gage, AIA blueprint for truth talk in Brisbane in 2009. You can see James talk before Richard’s presentation here at 3.54

  2. I attended James O’Neill’s lecture with my friends Helen and David. The lecture was fascinating, factual but very disturbing. A representative from the Russian embassy attended and I gave him a copy of our 9/11 book ‘See the Evidence’ together with other material. He was very appreciative of our support and we may be featured on the Russian Federation’s Wellington Facebook page. This was definitely an evening not to be missed.