May 082012

  6 Responses to “Letter Dom Post 9 May 2012 – What was really on the Key Napolitano Agenda?”

  1. Congratulations David on writing such an excellent, well crafted letter to the Dominion Post and thank you to the Editors for publishing!

  2. I think we should be pulling back from ties with America .
    I think I got disillusioned with America when it killed
    the 1 millionth Iraqi citizen
    and he didn’t have the fricken WMD’s .

    Fatherland Security reminds me of an earlier time in history ,at that earlier time they had an event that seems analogous to 9/11 , it become known as the “Reichstag fire”.

  3. Good work getting that letter in.

    Al Qaeda has been destroyed, so it’s absurd to continue the police state and all the wars. These days Al Qaeda can only carry out attacks with the help of their friends in the CIA!

    America is no longer a free country. The phrase “anti-American” should be confined to the dustbin of NZ history. Let’s get real: America IS a fascist state!

  4. Wow then I read this …

    PLEASE read the whole article and digest the implications to our right to self rule .

    “The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) being negotiated is presented as a straightforward free trade agreement. But it is clear that the Americans will insist (as they have done with other similar agreements) that the agreement should allow foreign corporations to stop our Government (or any future government) from changing New Zealand law in a way they think might undermine their value.

    Private companies from the other eight countries, even though not themselves parties to the agreement, would be able to sue our government, not in our own courts, but in private tribunals set up specifically for the purpose (and existing practice shows that the arbitrators in such tribunals can be judges one day and lawyers for litigants the next).

    Under these arrangements, an American corporation, for example, would be given far more extensive rights against our government than any New Zealand company would ever have. It would mean that a future government, perhaps elected to change policy in an area like environmental protection or health and safety (smoking comes to mind), could be threatened with a crippling lawsuit unless it backed off.

    The rights protected by these provisions go far beyond real property rights and include financial instruments, mining concessions, intellectual property, public-private partnership contracts and even market share.”

  5. I believe the tide is turning. This is the first time the MSM have published such a hard hitting letter. Editors and journalists have families too, and they don’t want them killed in a wold war.