May 222011

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Mike Ruppert, talks to Chris Laidlaw about his life and activism including 9/11 and peak oil and the extinction of what he calls the subspecies of petroleum man. The subject of 9/11 is given good attention early on in the interview and Chris Laidlaw seems comfortable with Mike Ruppert introducing the concept of 9/11 as a US government conspiracy as he talks about the inconsistencies in the US government’s position on 9/11 and how he came to the conclusion that peak oil was the motive of 9/11.

Michael C Ruppert is a one-off. He’s an American author, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer, investigative journalist and peak oil theorist. Until 2006 he published and edited From The Wilderness, a newsletter and website covering a range of topics including international politics, the CIA, peak oil, civil liberties, drugs, economics and corruption in high places. He is currently CEO of Collapse Network, a website-based pressure group seeking alternative energy and other lifestyle choices. (duration: 36′23″)

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  1. Please write and thank Chris Laidlaw and the producers for having Mike Ruppert on the show.
    The following excellent letters were sent to Radio NZ today –


    Thanks for interviewing Mr Ruppert. I will mention only some aspects of the interview.

    Mr Ruppert stated that he no longer reports on government-sponsored drug trafficking nor on 9/11 issues. That is fair enough, as he sees peak oil and now, the threat posed by radiation from nuclear power plants, as larger issues. That does not mean that the issues he has reportedly left behind have diminished in their importance. The US government, for one, still traffics in narcotics.

    As for 9/11, government policies based on the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 still perpetuate illegal wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. New Zealanders are involved in these illegal wars and are complicit in illegal torture. I don’t know when you interviewed Mr Ruppert, but he now reports that 9/11 is back on the table for him.
    Please read that article closely.

    I would dearly like to see astute interviewers like Chris Laidlaw cease and desist in perpetuating the logical fallacy of labelling ideas they don’t like (or must at least show public contempt for) as “conspiracy theories”. The official myth of 9/11 is itself a conspiracy theory, one that is not supported by evidence. Conspiracy theories abound without being labelled with the canard, “conspiracy theories”. Government prosecutors prosecute defendants every day based on conspiracy theories.

    I suggest that you investigate how theories are formulated as a first step in investigating conspiracy theories. People develop theories on various topics by 1) observation and gathering information; 2) making attempts to assemble that information in a way that makes logical sense, perhaps followed by experiments to test the theory; and 3) discussing and writing about the theory to get feedback and review on the theory. This is a simplified version of what is known as scientific reasoning.

    Labelling something as a conspiracy theory without knowing much about it is based on ignorance, peer and corporate pressure, perhaps fear, and intellectual laziness.

    I commend to your attention in attempt to help you sharpen your intellectual skills:

    With respect,

    –Phillip Rose

  2. Dear Chris Laidlaw,

    I listened with great interest to Michael Ruppert on Sunday. It was most gratifying that when he said that there was strong evidence that Dick Cheney was implicated in the events of 911, you did not ridicule him, but listened to what he had to say (unlike Kim Hill in an interview with Richard Gage in 2009).

    I was guilty of this knee-jerk reaction myself when, in 2004, my son told me that there was overwhelming evidence that the Twin Towers had been demolished by explosives. In response to my derision, he showed me a book he had just read, The New Pearl Harbor, by David Ray Griffin.

    As a retired science teacher of 40 years’ experience I go where the evidence leads, no matter how distasteful the conclusion. I was astounded by the amount of evidence Griffin presented, and even more disturbed by the implications. Since 2004, the case has become even more dammning, much of it documented in Griffin’s later books. In particular these are The 911 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, Debunking 911 Debunking, The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, and The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7.

    For those without the time to read these books, I recommend a video clip analysis of the collapse of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, by David Chandler, a high school physics teacher. It is only 8 minutes long, in two parts (there is a gap between them). The web reference is:

    I might mention that over 1500 architects and engineers round the world have signed a petition calling for an independent inquiry into the events of 911.* Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth is but one of a dozen or so world-wide organisations devoted to bringing out the truth about 911. The 911 Truth movement includes university professors, ex-CIA analysts, retired military personnel, a few brave politicians, and hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens.

    *The Kean/Hamilton inquiry was actually directed by Philip Zelikow, a close colleague of Condoleezza Rice and thus for all practical purposes a White House Insider.

    Yours sincerely,

    Martin Hanson

  3. Dear Mr Laidlaw

    I would like to thank you for interviewing Michael Ruppert on your Sunday Show. Unlike Kim Hill’s interview with Richard Gage in November 2009, it was good to hear your guest speak about his well-researched evidence about the 9/11 conspiracy without ridicule. (Richard Gage, by the way, represents over 1500 architects and engineers calling for a new investigation into 911.)

    I would, however, like to disagree with the premise that peak oil is a “popular” conspiracy theory and that questioning the official 9/11 conspiracy theory should be left in the past. As we approach the tenth anniversary, the family members of 9/11, along with a growing global movement of concerned citizens, continue to seek answers to well-researched questions, that the 9/11 commission report ignored. A significant campaign has also been established by the New York City Coalition 9/11 family members asking for an investigation into
    Building 7:-

    In September there will be an international hearing by a panel of international scientists and academics, of the best evidence that has been uncovered in the ten years since the 9/11 hearings in Toronto – see

    The September 11th attacks and their consequences have done more to shape world conflict in this century than any other event. NZ continues to support the US response to 9/11, which has already killed twice as many Americans as the attacks themselves. New Zealanders have now lost lives in Afghanistan, not to mention the civilians and contractors killed.
    The scientific evidence of 9/11 will continue to be the “elephant in the room”, demanding a serious accounting from our elected officials and the agencies that serve them, irrespective of what happens to the world’s oil supply.

    It would be great if your programme could alert the NZ public to the relevance of questioning the 9/11official conspiracy theory and bring to light the available evidence. Some of the greatest discoveries of all time were initially received as blasphemous conspiracy theories, the earth was not the centre of the universe or that the world was not flat etc

    Yours sincerely

    Helen Waddington

  4. Dear Chris Laidlaw.

    With regard the staggering shock to our belief systems awareness of ‘deep state’ black operations and the 911 conspiracy bring.

    I have realized over time, those not able to understand/research or countenance its awful truth, a strategy discussing the matter in two parts is most effective.

    The first part is the enormous physical/forensic evidence chain indicating controlled demolitions took place that day in NY city,

    and the second is whether or not you can possibly believe it.

    With respect.


  5. One thing that Kim Hill managed to achieve was to give such a terrible interview that she stimulated hundreds to attend Richard Gage’s talk when they might not have. i was one of those who thought that there must be something to what this guy was saying if he brought about such a response.

    As the person who organised for Mike Ruppert to appear on National radio I am grateful to Chris Laidlaw for his more thougthful style and allowing people to say what they need to.

    I tend to agree with Ruppert that the events of 9/11, although they are probably the crime of the century are behind us, and the chances of litigating this with the present criminals in power are fairly minimal. We are now faced with economic and social collapse and have to prepare as best we can for what is coming.