Jan 202019

From the ‘without jumping to conclusions dept.’ @ 58:04. in the Jason Goodman conversation [first link, below] ‘Luke Slytalker’ speaks of documentations found in SSI 2nd layer files between law firms listing NEIL ‘Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited’ company [among others AEGIS, LLOYDS etc] plaintiffs vs [among others] 7 World Trade Center company, Silverstein Properties.inc (@14 minute mark, 2nd link below)

NEIL .  https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=6463968

Company Overview: “Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited provides insurance solutions to nuclear utilities. It insures electric utilities for damages to insured sites; decontamination expenses arising from nuclear contamination; risks of direct physical loss at sites; premature decommissioning costs; and the costs associated with long-term interruptions of electricity supply. Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited was incorporated in 1978 and is based in Wilmington, Delaware.” Incorporated in Bermuda.

Why NEIL at WTC7 as defendant? Was there a nuclear utility at ground zero?

Judge HELLERSTEIN appears @ 35:52 in Link 2 below. Adds to Christopher Bollyn’s assertion Hellerstein went for 100% settlement allowing NO discovery.



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  1. How many times did this guy say “nookooler”? Anyway, thanks for the post. I hadn’t known about Jason Goodman before watching the first video.

    • So much to understand. Goodman is certainly under attack by elements online who themselves do not pass the spook test, but his questioning and direction of interest have been compelling since he appeared. Especially through the LasVegas event and Imran AWAN cover-up. Him being led to slaughter by Swaggert/WEBB and others, is a lesson in intuition over trade craft. But his work with the Moriarty’s ‘escape from Libya’ [exposure of cia/nato malevolence in that country] plus Charles ORTEL ‘Sunday with Charle’s’ (charlesortel.com) comprehensively exposing Massive Clinton Foundation Frauds by forensic examination of paper trail, is gold standard.

      IN this case, here, the conversation touches on ‘discovery’ of NEIL in the court documents for whatever reason:it is in there. It is not there for no reason. The rest is speculation on all our parts. In the overall, WTC damage field/levels of BLAST energy required to reach the observable energy flows and ground zero desolation have not been satisfied by the nanothermite debate. Detonation Velocity etc. The nookooler option has to be explored alongside all explosive demolition technologies because it IS one.
      This seems a reasoned approach to the USGS DUST analysis