Mar 082011

New video has surfaced from the September 11, 2001 attacks from a police helicopter hovering near the burning World Trade Center towers in the hope of rescuing survivors from the rooftops, only to find no one there as the buildings topple and smoulder.

“The whole tower, it’s gone,” one officer is heard yelling. “Holy crap, they knocked the whole fricking thing down.”

An officer wonders, “How could it go down?”

The video is part of a cache of information from the attack handed over by city agencies to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the federal agency that investigated the collapse. The video surfaced on several websites on Monday (Tuesday NZ time), but NIST did not know who posted it initially.

View video here

  One Response to “New 9/11 Footage Released”

  1. A note from one of our members says, “I noticed that on TV1 and TV3 they deleted the commentary from the police officers, I wonder why?”

    Why indeed? It seems that the police officers comments might lead viewers to actually think for themselves. Can’t have that! TV 1 and TV 3 (sorry, no link available) have had one turn each at truth telling over the last few years, and by gum, they’re not going to do that again!

    If anyone has the video for the TV3 Nightline interview with Jonathan Eisen, please let us know.